Kerry, Biden and Hagel Make Emergency Landing in Afghanistan

NBC News reported a few hours ago that “helicopters carrying three senior U.S. senators made emergency landings Thursday in the mountains of Afghanistan because of a snowstorm.”

Sens. John Kerry, Joseph Biden and Chuck Hagel were aboard the aircraft. No one was injured, according a statement from Kerry’s office. The senators and their delegation returned to Bagram Air Base in a motor convoy, and have left for Turkey.

“After several hours, the senators were evacuated by American troops and returned overland to Bagram Air Base, and left for their next scheduled stop in Ankara, Turkey,” the Kerry statement said. “Sen. Kerry thanks the American troops, who were terrific as always and who continue to do an incredible job in Afghanistan.”

It’s good to know they are all okay… Kerry, Biden and Hagel are on a trip this week that includes stops in “India, Turkey and Pakistan, where they observed the elections earlier this week.”

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2 Responses to Kerry, Biden and Hagel Make Emergency Landing in Afghanistan

  1. john stone says:

    As I said on previous post I thankful that everything turned out OK. These men are trying to the right thing and our President is dancing in Africa. Again I say if Kerry was President this country and the world would be a much better place.

  2. I love the Joe Biden crack. And I bet it got a good laugh from Biden too. He was the one happy candidate in the election.