What Digby Said… and What Big Tent Democrat Said

Big Tent Democrat has a great piece up on Talk Left quoting Digby on Hillary Clinton’s closing remarks last night and the subject of more debates. Neither Big Tent Democrat or Digby are supporting Hillary as I am, but both have done a fair amount of defending her against the falsehoods and sexist attacks … Continue reading

Whatever Happens

I’ve contended here for months now that the Obama campaign is not above the fray, as they claim. Last night, within moments (“immediately“) after the candidates left the debate stage, Obama’s campaign “began circulating a similar comment” to Hillary Clinton’s closing comment to the media, one that was “delivered by former … Continue reading

We Need A Warrior

In a era threatened by the nuclear capability of Pakistan, India and China and the emerging Iran; in a era when Christian Nationalist’s are actively planning a generational strategy to take over the US Government; in an era when one party wants to starve the government of cash so it … Continue reading