We Need A Warrior

In a era threatened by the nuclear capability of Pakistan, India and China and the emerging Iran; in a era when Christian Nationalist’s are actively planning a generational strategy to take over the US Government; in an era when one party wants to starve the government of cash so it must cut back services; in an era when a war in Iraq continues to cost American lives; in a era of unprecedented $410 Billion budget deficit, at those times America needs a Warrior.

We need someone proven under fire. A person who has withstood the worse political invective and remains not only standing but doing better work than ever. We need a Warrior.

A political Warrior is: “… a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness, as in politics …”. David Gergen on CNN noticed her glancing nod towards this part of her background. It is his judgment that a new message, “I am the Warrior who can face the challenges and win the day.”, would be well accepted. He’s right.

Describing herself as an experienced Warrior, an experienced fighter, HRC will create an entirely different mind-image and generate a different emotional reaction with supporters and voters. While being ‘experienced’ is an amorphous term, word Warrior itself rings with authenticity given her history.

In her closing statement in last night’s debate HRC did, again, show herself to be a caring, internally motivated campaigner/fighter. She also started the path towards using the Warrior’ meme. If she continues to do both in the next few weeks she can change the campaign. I hope she stops listening to consultants who didn’t seem to learn from the moment in NH and keep asking her to recycle campaign themes that continue to lose against Obama.

“America Needs A Warrior.” It is the truth. She’s not only qualified for the job but she’s a fighter, a Warrior. I hope someone is listening. The American people need a Warrior.

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29 Responses to We Need A Warrior

  1. kcowley says:

    Well said, she could use you for a consultant! Then perhaps you could also encourage her to remind the public that Obama voted to fund the war twice.

  2. Masslib says:

    Great post! There is so much censoring in the media/blogosphere of Hill supporters. Let’s make our voice known before it’s too late.

  3. Frances Fusco says:

    I’ve been saying this all along! Mark Penn & Co. need to lose the small-minded, focus group approach to this company, and let Hillary do what she does best–like she did at the end of the debate last night. Ambassador Joe Wilson wrote an article in the Baltimore Sun (2/12/08) that made the same argument, calling Hillary a “gladiator.” It’s SO frustrating to watch them squander these opportunities. I’ve been writing into her site regularly, asking her to speak with her own authority, but they continue to use the same tired stump speeches and petty attacks. If she points out that it is not that Obama is “bad,” he is JUST NOT READY! She has the intelligence, the innovative ideas, the compassion, and most importantly the STRENGTH to make turn those ideas into reality. His record clearly does not illustrate that kind of tenacity and power. SOMEONE PLEASE GET THIS MESSAGE THROUGH TO HER CAMPAIGN!!!

  4. ann says:

    Thanks for the post. Wow, is she ever a warrior. And, absolutely that’s what we need. The GOP has been setting her up, crossing over to vote for Obama and keeping the horrors of Iraq off the front page. But, we are a nation fighting two wars and we can not turn our nation over to a freshman senator with zero foreign policy and national security experience.

    Anyone can read plans and words and say what they’ll do. But, we need someone who has demonstrated that when they say this is what they’ll do we have a high confidence it will get done. Remember Bush sold the nation on his compassionate conservatism — and he ended up being neither. Those were great and hopeful words, but ended up being no more.

    Hillary isn’t about telling stories and making speeches, she’s about making change for the betterment of us all. Vote Hillary. Texas, Ohio we love you and need you. Please help us.

  5. andy o'donnell says:

    “I am absolutely certain Connecticut is going to have the good sense to send Joe Lieberman back to the U.S. Senate so he can continue to serve on our behalf.” Barack Obama, March 30, 2006

    We must stop this from getting worse.Lieberman and McCain will destroy the world. Anyone who supports Lieberman is not a true Democrat and will lead us into war for many years especially with Iran which Lieberman wants to bomb..

  6. Ellen says:

    This says it all…Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is seasoned, mature,
    experienced and ready to lead from the first second she is sworn in.

    She has been through fire and truly has the Right Stuff to lead our country.

    Yes, a Warrior with a capital “W” …the real “W” we need in the White House

  7. DrCarolyn says:

    I hope you post this article at http://www.hillaryclinton.com as well as send it on to her campaign office.

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  9. Nancy Gerber says:

    Bravo! Thanks for the great article. Hillary is a proven compassionate warrior. We need her. I will always support her no matter what. She is an American Hero.

  10. Native Americans often refer to the FOUR CORNERS OF THIS LAND and call this land GODS COUNTRY speaking as a NATION rather than a Goverment.So, lets teach her from our hearts and with “no charge”.She is also Methodist and should wear the Methodist cross that reflects that THE MASSIAH HAS RISEN. God Bless

  11. nycvoter says:

    Hillary should always follow her instincts and be herself. She should call him out next Tuesday and show what a warrior she is. She will fight for this nomination and she will fight for the Presidency so she can fight for us. Everyone I spoke with wanted her to fight on Thursday we need her to fight. Fight on the issues, say he doesn’t have experience, challenge him on being Commander in Chief!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to the mattresses!

    GO! We need Hillary.

  12. CalGirl says:

    Yes, that is it! I wrote a diary at mydd.com last weekend and ended it by saying “I’m sticking with Hillary, the warrior.”

    There is no comparison. She is tough yet compassionate. A true American hero and warrior.

    Hillary is my president.

  13. Michael says:

    You know, the one thing in this entire primary season that I will never figure out is how ANYONE can equate Hillary Rodham Clinton with the “status-quo” or “politics as usual.” Evidently, these folks are not from this planet! For one thing, having Bush around for the last 7 years has put us into a time warp back to the late 1980’s–only worse! I suppose the young Obama supporters simply have no recollection of the way things were back then (ie: sliding into a recession with super-high interest rates, relatively high gas prices and a war for oil beging waged in the middle east).

    Then, along came Bill Clinton–who also didn’t get nominated until very late in the season and also lost a string of primaries and caucuses)–and ultimately did the unthinkable: he raised taxes on the wealthiest while his wife fought a hard battle for Universal Health Care! Let me tell you folks something…the Clintons wrote the book fiscal responsibility and worked tirelessly to restore the lower and middle class! It is extremely hypocritical for a young and naive Barack Obama (or any of his supporters) to claim that the Clintons are “status-quo” or “politics as usual.” for they are NEITHER! Remember people, actions always speak louder than words and we already have the one candidate who has been tested and proven to be effective against the Bush calamity that awaits the next president.

    To be quite frank, with what’s at stake in this upcoming election, the Democrats simply cannot afford to make a poor choice for the nominee here–and of course, we have to get it right the first time! Please DO YOUR HOMEWORK and make your choice like your future depended on it–’cause it does!

  14. Lorraine DeJong says:

    Bravo Mr. O’Neill. Fabulous post- Hillary Clinton IS an American warrior we need to lead this country now. The challenges we face today as a nation demand it. Thank-you!!

  15. Well, I just have a different take. I have no problem with the point that we need a warrior domestically. I know where our internal challenges come from and agree that the wingnuts are nearly on the ropes, and that we need to get them the rest of the way there.

    In the world at large, though, U.S. belligerence is exacerbating matters, not ameliorting them. And this is the arena where the real challenges for the human race lie. I don’t want us to be intransigent, I don’t want us to be arrogant, I don’t want us to be militaristic, and I don’t want us to continue with the short sighted and self defeating concept of “national security” that has prevailed for my whole life.

    Out in the world I would much rather see us represented by “a lover not a fighter”. This is one area in which I don’t want to see us represented by a warrior, and I have heard Sen. Clinton say nothing that makes me believe that she yet grasps this approach.

  16. Violet says:

    Wonderful post. We need a warrior, we need a mother, we need a worker. HIllary is seasoned, mature, thoughtful and has a lifetime of hard work and experience bringing equality and basic rights to the disenfranchised in our society. I hope people, particularly young people, start seeing the truth about this race.

  17. Darrell

    I think Hillary Clinton grasps that approach in terms that Barack Obama as man may never grasp. She’s got diplomacy down, she’s been there done that already, where as Obama really has not.

  18. Vick says:

    Right-up to the Front Line

  19. rhonda says:

    My words exactly! I wanted her to tell the country that she is a fighter and won’t ever stop fighting! Many of us know this already, yet I think the public wants to hear it. Someone please pass this along to her advisors or her website!

  20. jbvoter says:

    My partner and I discussed the debate last night. Both of us came to the conclusion that Sen. Hillary Clinton is inside of a Double Standard that women face when dealing with men. If she is makes her case in an aggressive forceful manner or arrogant manner like Sen. Obama, she will be judged as being harsh–too harsh to be a lady. If she takes the passive aggressive approach, she is being a lady and therefore is the weaker sex–a loser. Either approach, she is judged merely because she is a woman based on the Rule of Double Standards.

  21. tatemagnolia says:

    Senator Clinton is a strong, competent, politician. Being a warrior does not mean that she will not demonstrate softness in her approach to handling issues; the manner that is used is dependent upon the situation. She has met with foreign /countries-diplomats and has been well received; if you are looking for interpersonal qualities she has both, warrior/lover.

    She is humble, not arrogant (as I see the other candidate) she is truly a lady. She has been kind in this contest because she has beeen so beaten down by the MSM and other folks, which is sexist and truly sad.

    As said before, “you get what you pay for, so you get what you vote for”.

    Her loss in this campaign will be a complete loss to the country and a dreary four/eight years for our nation.

  22. Alan Miley says:

    Any president has a lot of work to do but I suggest that our next president will have A WHOLE LOT OF WORK TO DO. In addition to her natural leadership talents, Hillary Clinton has held a unique position in the White House that no other candidate in history has ever had. We need a president with her talents and unique perspective to get this country back on track after the last seven years of the Bush administration.

  23. michelle ingram says:

    I am so upset with the media making Hillary Clinton look so bad she can’t even sneeze without them making snide remarks about her. I want everyone to know if not known already to get on the internet and bring up Larry Sinclair and Barrack Obama this would just sicken you if these allegations were to Hillary this would be splattered all over the media. Hillary is the one that needs to be president she is the only one with intelligence and sincerity for the ameican people. Hillary Rodham Clinton for president!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. elizabeth says:

    I am so glad that I was led to this article so I can hear from those that see what I see. ( I’ve been lost in the forest of the mainsteam internet).
    There is way too much at stake in this election to lose sight of winning is November. Hillary is between a rock and a hard place. If she truly fought back at Obama, which I know she is more than capable of doing, she could hurt our chances in November. I respect her for not doing that. On the other hand, maybe it would be better now than later, because one thing we know for sure is, the other side will not hold back. All I know is that the majority of us were a lot better off under Bill Clinton’s presidency, and our homeland was safe. Look at where we are now. Things have changed drastically both at home and abroad. We headed in the wrong direction. I think it is safe to say, she, better than anyone else, knows how to get us back on the right track. Couple that with the fact that she has dealt with whatever they have to throw at her and she is not only still standing, but very close to being our next President. I HOPE and pray for her and us.

  25. Thomas Chacko says:

    I have seen first hand, at the United Nations, how much the world respects Hillary Clinton. People all over the world have been drawn to her not just for her charisma, but also for her knowledge of policy issues and sensitivity to the needs of women and children who don’t have a tenth of what we enjoy.

    Yes, this is the real Hillary! She does not fit the stereotypical fantasy belched up by a drunken barfly like Chris Matthews. Nor can she be crammed into the coldly ambitious, anything-goes caricature drawn by envious, nasal-whining witches like Mary Matalin, Maureen Dowd, Peggy Noonan, and Laura Ingraham. Losers all!

    Saint Barack is still not used to the notion of being challenged. Sorry, pal, but the nomination is not yours by birthright! You are up against a candidate whose command of the issues surpasses your grand rhetoric by a mile.

  26. Michael says:

    I wrote to these so-called “news” outlets months ago! Their mission is so abundantly clear that it’s not even a covert attempt anymore. They’re blatantly campaigning for the only candidate that seems to have advertised with them! My first reaction when I saw the lopsided reporting was “Shame on them” for trying to manipulate this all-important primary election. But now I realize it should be “Shame on US,” the dumb sheep that we are that we would actually stand to be told what to think by the media. After all, this is the same group of idiots who sold us the Iraq invasion in the first place! The lesson for us is to always question what you hear in the media and believe nothing they tell us. Had they been doing their job, then perhaps the Bush Administration wouldn’t have gotten away with the absolute fleecing of our nation. I used to laugh at Fox News when they said “fair and balanced,” but when it comes to this primary…ironically, they may be the most fair and balanced!!!

  27. Beth says:

    To paraphrase RFK Jr and his brother and sister when they endorsed Hillary, we need a fistfighter, not a poet.

    Thank you for the blog.

  28. Hillary4Prez says:

    Hillary for President!!

    Go to:


    Contribute! Even $5.00 helps! Thanks!

    March 4th Voters…you MUST also caucus!!!