What Digby Said… and What Big Tent Democrat Said

Big Tent Democrat has a great piece up on Talk Left quoting Digby on Hillary Clinton’s closing remarks last night and the subject of more debates. Neither Big Tent Democrat or Digby are supporting Hillary as I am, but both have done a fair amount of defending her against the falsehoods and sexist attacks that have been prevalent from the media and sadly, many progressive blogs.

People wonder why I spend so much time defending Hillary Clinton from unfair and sexist attacks in the Media and unfortunately, progressive blogs, including, maybe especially, the A-List blogs. I do not support her. I wish she would not have run and put herself through this. But Digby captures it:

The reasons she didn’t go for the jugular is that she knows it doesn’t work for her and, contrary to popular myth, she won’t do or say anything to win. I know that’s shocking to those of you who are convinced that Clinton is a monster, but it’s true. Her campaign has not been, by any historical standards, a negative or nasty one. She has stated repeatedly, and again last night, that the party would be unified and in light of the fact that she is losing, that remark takes on a different character — she will not turn the Democratic party inside out just for the fun of it or greatly damage the front runner in some quixotic quest for power. (It’s hard to believe that anyone but Ann Coulter would ever believe she would do such a thing, but there you have it.)

Her final comment was gracious and heartfelt . . . This is a person of maturity and depth and one of whom most Democrats in this country are actually quite proud.

It is a shame that progressive blogs have led the charge in demonizing this fine person who has dedicated much of her life to progressive causes. I am not sure I will ever get over what some have written about her. The unfairness, spite, falsehoods, nastiness and sexism demonstrated will be hard to forget. I imagine I am not the only person who feels that way.

While I disagree with Big Tent Democrat about Hillary putting herself through this, because she’s tough and a warrior, I am appalled by the “unfairness, spite, falsehoods, nastiness and sexism demonstrated” in this election cycle by the media, the progressive blogs and members of our party. It will be for “hard to forget” for me as well, and I think hard for many women in this country to forget. Women, who like Hillary Clinton have struggled to climb the ladder to break the glass ceiling only to have the ladder ripped from underneath them at the time when they could do the most good in the world.

Throughout this entire primary race, Hillary Clinton has been at a disadvantage for one simple reason — because she is a woman.

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Pamela Leavey is the Editor in Chief, Owner/Publisher of The Democratic Daily as well as a freelance writer and photographer. Pamela holds a certificate in Contemporary Communications from UMass Lowell, a Journalism Certificate from UMass Amherst and a B.A. in Creative Writing and Digital Age Communications from UMass Amherst UWW.
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19 Responses to What Digby Said… and What Big Tent Democrat Said

  1. Pamela: There is both truth and wisdom in what you say, but grant me this. Hillary would likely not be here at all were she never maried to Pres. Clinton, and she likely would not get the same amount of grief but for that same fact. In some sense, the two cancel each other out.

    I’m starting to think that the times may have just passed her by. Perhaps if BUSHCO had not so thoroughly screwed matters there would not be this urgent sense that a more radical move is needed than she is offering. I’m sure that you don’t believe the depth of the professed difference between the two candidates but both had the chance to use this campaign theme. Given the times it’s begining to look like one of them will be proved to have been the better campaigner. Now we can only “hope” that he’s right in claiming that he’ll be the better President.

  2. Darrell

    I can’t believe you said this: “Hillary would likely not be here at all were she never maried to Pres. Clinton.” Yeah… She might have already been President Rodham if she wasn’t married to Bill – how’s that grab you?


    She’s a brilliant woman with a record of her own. Bill Clinton has said himself she’s smarter than him.

    And just what the heck is so radical about Barack Obama? Nothing. Nothing at all. Bush was a good campaigner too and look where that got us.

    Maybe you are resigned to this being over, but I’m not and there’s a hell of a lot voters who aren’t either.

  3. Harley says:

    Hillary and her supporters have been treated to every nasty, vile, despicable remark for the past year on all of these “progressive” blogs. Are these comments in her defense cropping up now because some are embarrassed by the excess of the hate binge they’ve been party to. Progressives my A$$.

    I am still very hard at work doing everything I can to make sure that we get the last candidate who represents real change nominated by the Democratic party.

    I’m totally pissed that a bunch of independents, Republicans, and thrill-of-the-moment college kids MAY decide the Democratic candidate — only to skedaddle, or become bored, or be distracted by the next new fad by November. Obama as overhyped as the iPhone.
    I can hear it already, “Wow, remember when we were all about Obama?”
    “Yeah, that was like 6 months ago…”
    “Uh huh, I don’t want to be seen in that T-shirt anymore, it’s SO not cool anymore.”)

    Obama would be yet another man, in a long, long, long line of men who have occupied the WH. Different color, sure, but just another XY, just another guy. A man without a universal heatlh care plan and no foreign policy experience. Totally forgettable.

    On the other hand we could have a woman in the WH. True change. With decades of experience, a solution for health care, solid plans to fix what ails us, and the grit to stand up and fight. She’s a class act and all grown up to boot.

    Inspired by Hillary.

  4. ironxl84 says:

    With regard to the nastiness, etc which has been directed at Hillary, let’s not forget the source of this negativity.

    After all, she more than anyone else is the one that the right wing “loves to hate”.

    It is sad that many “progressive” bloggers have borrowed liberally from the Republican playbook in their vindictive attacks on her character.

    At the end of the day, she represents what America really desires in a leader. She has substance, compassion, intelligence and restraint – not to mention real class.

    Despite these things, America (for some uncanny reason) has a penchant for electing those who demonstrate hype and deliver clever one-liners (remember Reagan saying to Jimmy Carter, “Well, there you go again…” ?)

    I contend that the majority of Americans cannot distinguish between the election of the Presidency – and American Idol.

    If this is true, perhaps Obama has tapped into the National psyche? In hindsight, the media coined the phrase “Rock Star” in reference to Obama.

    Hillary was never conferred with such an “honor”, nor did she desire it in my opinion. She simply wants to reverse the screw-ups of the last 8 years – and that is laudable. But with this American public – that may not be “sexy” enough.


  5. “I’m totally pissed that a bunch of independents, Republicans, and thrill-of-the-moment college kids MAY decide the Democratic candidate — only to skedaddle, or become bored, or be distracted by the next new fad by November. Obama as overhyped as the iPhone”

    John Kerry, Russ Feingold, Ted Kennedy, and Scarlett Johansson have all endorsed Obama; “thrill of the moment college kids”? Not hardly.

    I’m trying to understand the passion to elect a woman. Being male, I will probably never fully understand it. But it seems to me that many Hillary supporters put gender politics above everything else.

    My wife is not a political or news junky. She’s said some interesting things about both candidates – praising both. She likes Obama based on style of communication. Obama “sounds more respectful.”

  6. Pamela: You feel that an apology is in order. Please allow me to extend one.

  7. John Freeland

    I think what Harley is referring to, in the quote you mentioned above is general voter demographics which includes
    “independents, Republicans, and thrill-of-the-moment college kids,” rather than public figures that have endorsed Obama.

    Clinton has quite a few heavy weight endorsements as well, but Harley doesn’t use that as reasoning why she supports Clinton, instead Harley cites that Clinton has “decades of experience, a solution for health care, solid plans to fix what ails us, and the grit to stand up and fight.”

    Time and time again, if you read the comments here from Clinton supporters you will see that they cite her experience, her stance on issues like healthcare, the fact that she’s tested and vetted, that she knows how to stand and fight the Republicans and many more qualities that go beyond the fact that she’s a woman.

    And yes, for some women the fact that she’s a woman does weigh in, but the same can be said for many black voters who are supporting Obama.

    As to whether Obama sounds more respectful — with all due respect to your wife, that is a matter of opinion. I see and hear a lot of disrespectfulness coming from Obama towards Hillary in his tone, facial expressions and body language.

    Finally, I’ll add with all honesty and sense of sadness, that one thing I have noticed from many Kerry supporters is a sense that they support Obama because he is the anti-Hillary and this support stems from 2 things, the notion that the Clinton’s didn’t do enough for JK in ’04 and that she dissed him after the botched joke.

    Personally, I took the time to step back from personal feelings surrounding my deep respect for JK and my longtime support of him and recognized that although I carried some sadness over ’04 and the botched joke, Hillary was simply the qualified candidate.

    In ’04, JK was to me a candidate that embodied both experience and idealism. Clinton embodies the experience, Obama the idealism. Experience matters more to me and it was the number one reason why I supporterd JK in ’04.

  8. Darrell

    Thanks. I think many here have to great lengths to point out that Hillary stands on her own record. 🙂

  9. John Freeland

    Also wanted to add this…

    I think there is a sense among many Clinton supporters that she’s been treated incredibly unfair by the media and progressive blogs because she is a woman — the subject of this post.

    There is a sense of frustration and sadness by many, women and men, that we’ve come so far, but obviously not far enough to elect a woman, a highly qualified woman to the highest office in our country.

    Turn the tables and imagine if Hillary were the frontrunner, that the conversation would be brewing from many that people were not supporting Obama because he is black.

    Take into consideration that the media made much of what was perceived “racism” from the Clinton surrogates and that Obama team pushed that and profited from that, although many have concluded that nothing that was said was really racist at all.

    This primary season in my opinion has played out to be a sad statement on the state of the Democratic party.

  10. This primary season in my opinion has played out to be a sad statement on the state of the Democratic party.

    Tell me about it. I live in Michigan. I didn’t vote. We were told it wouldn’t count. Obama wasn’t on the ballot. Granholm, Levin, Debbie Dingle, and John Dingle are all Clinton supporters. Her name was left on the ballot. She “won” like shooting fish in a barrel.

  11. John

    It’s public knowledge that the Obama campaign (and Edwards) encouraged voters in Michigan to vote uncommitted which counted as a vote towards him if and when delegates got seated. Hillary Clinton was not the only candidate that remained on the ballot – Chris Dodd did as well. Obama made the choice to withdraw from the ballot, the fault in that in my opinion is not hers but his.

    Again is this election about who is supporting which candidate in the election? First you state Obama has Kerry, Kennedy et al supporting him and I gather that you feel that is a good thing and then you bemoan Clinton’s support from Granholm et al. It works both ways.

  12. Pamela:
    Granholm, Dingle, Levin are powerful in the Michigan Democratic and were instrumental in moving up the primary- contrary to DNC rules. The Michigan primary was botched, if they have their way, to their candidate’s favor.

    Levin encouraged Obama and Edwards supporters to vote “uncommitted.” I am not aware of Edwards or Obama saying anything to that effect. What assurances did anybody have that an “uncommitted” vote would be earmarked for candidate in particular?

  13. John

    By the same token Kerry and Kennedy are powerful in MA and they urged voters to support Obama there. Would you be saying the same thing if the MA primary was moved and sanctioned?

    I’m not going to argue this point. It works both ways. Obama made a choice to stay off the ballot, Clinton and Dodd stayed on. I think for many reasons the sanctioning of Michigan and Florida sucks because the voters in a sense were disenfranchised and I feel that regardless of my support for Clinton.

    FYI, the NY Times reported that Obama and Edwards supporters in Michigan urged voters to vote uncommitted, not Carl Levin.

    Honestly I’m sick and tired of the Clinton will do anything to win meme, which is what Digby spoke of in the quote in this post. From where I sit Obama is doing whatever he can to win too – including constantly mis-representing Hillary’s positions and dissing her every chance he gets.

    I’m sorry we’re on different sides of the primary election here, but I have no stomach at this point to argue any of this with people I respect, like yourself. We each have the right to support who we please, and bickering over crap like this is not helpful.

    I tried to help clarify what I think Harley meant and add my reasons for supporting Hillary – which are valid to me but obviously against the reasoning of many friends here who supported JK.

    I don’t support Hillary because various public officials do or because she’s a woman – I support her because I think she’s the best person for the job.

  14. Pamela:

    Good luck with it all.

  15. John

    Good luck with it all?

    You know we’re all Democrats here – who ever the nominee is will have my support.

    I sent an email to one of JK’s staffers who I got to know very well in the past 4 – 5 years when I made my decision to support HRC. I felt it was the right thing to do, to let JK and his staff know. The response I got was far more gracious than the responses I have had from people here who I considered to friends. I was told, FYI, that while we may not be on the same team in the primary fight, “we will all be on the same team once the nominee is chosen.”

    Good luck to both candidates is my opinion John. I blog because I care about the issues and my country and I blog because I want to make a difference.

    We have two awesome candidates in this race – both would be fine presidents and step above what we have now. That is what I consider in this race.

    I don’t look down on my friends here who support Obama and I have afforded all the front page writers here to support and write about who ever they choose on this blog. I will however go to the mat when I see commenters and friends using sexist and right wing memes against HRC, because I feel the treatment of her by the press and blogs has been tantamount to what JK got in ’04 and it sucks.

  16. ironxl84 says:

    I have one final comment on the issue deivered in “street lingo”,

    Hey Barack, who’s zoomin who?


  17. bjerryberg says:

    Both leading Dem candidates face serious escalating security threats. Why would you be surprised?

    This is not a ‘game’ where market-tested rock-star chants can get you by–there is a great deal at stake with the world economy in free-fall.

    A Dem party-wrecking Bloomberg-boosting bit of deadly filthiness seems to be in progress.

    Security personnel at Obama’s 17,000 person rally in Dallas on Wednesday stopped screening people for weapons more than an hour before Obama spoke at Reunion Arena. Several police officers said that they considered the order to pull down the metal detectors and to stop checking purses and laptop bags, as a breach of security.

    A Dallas motorcycle police officer in Hillary Clinton’s security entourage was killed in an inexplicable, apparent accident on Friday while escorting Clinton to a rally. A police statement said that Senior Corporal Victor Lozada-Tirado struck a curb, lost control of his motorcycle, and went down at 9:15 a.m. Clinton cut short her
    appearance at the Fort Worth rally, to go and visit the officer’s

    Hmmm, Dallas and breached presidential-level security.

    I have heard this before–but not since 1963 and 1968.

  18. Jerry

    If I am not mistaken a cop or two has been killed on Bush’s security detail as well.

  19. I don’t know how Michigan and Florida can be kept out of the decision making process. Where’s that at? Put them in and let the chips fall where they may!