Obama and NAFTA

Why is Barack Obama attacking Hillary Clinton on NAFTA when his voting record on trade since he’s been in the Senate is essentially identical to Clinton’s voting record on trade? Obama went on record that he was supporting NAFTA expansion months ago. In fact, as David Sirota reported at the time, Obama was … Continue reading

Hillary’s Stance on the Iraq War

I’ve noticed recent comments on this blog (in response to Pamela Leavey’s articles and also Stuart O’Neill’s article) condemning Hillary Clinton for her initial vote for the Iraq war and for her subsequent treatment of it. Yet, I often find, when I discuss this issue with people, that few are … Continue reading

It’s The Economy… And So Many Other Issues

In the past few weeks since I announced here that I was endorsing Hillary Clinton, I spent a fair amount of time defending my reasoning. The bottom-line is that I see Hillary Clinton’s positions on the issues as the strongest positions on those issues and I feel she has the … Continue reading