It’s The Economy… And So Many Other Issues

In the past few weeks since I announced here that I was endorsing Hillary Clinton, I spent a fair amount of time defending my reasoning. The bottom-line is that I see Hillary Clinton’s positions on the issues as the strongest positions on those issues and I feel she has the experience, the wisdom and the overall capability to push these issues through Congress. She’s proven her ability to work across party lines and get things done in the Senate.

I’ve watch in dis-belief and frustration as Clinton’s opponent Barack Obama has claimed to run a clean campaign while using right wing talking points about Clinton, time and time again. Today Hillary Clinton called Obama on the carpet for doing just that. (VIDEO HEREh/t to TM)

Accusing the Obama campaign of using tactics “that are right out of Karl Rove’s playbook,” Senator Hillary Clinton angrily denounced Senator Barack Obama on Saturday for sending flyers to Ohio voters that she called misleading and false.

“Shame on you, Barack Obama,” Mrs. Clinton said at a news conference after a morning rally, holding the flyers and shaking them in the air as she spoke. “It is time you ran a campaign consistent with your messages in public. That’s what I expect from you. Meet me in Ohio. Let’s have a debate about your tactics and your behavior in this campaign.” […]

“Time and time again, you hear one thing in speeches and then you see a campaign that has the worst kind of tactics, reminiscent of the same sort of Republican attacks on Democrats,” Mrs. Clinton said.

I made a tough choice when I decided to support Hillary Clinton in this election.

A choice that meant I was splitting in a sense from my long time loyalty of being a Kerry supporter. In making my choice, I didn’t feel as though I was being disloyal to Kerry, but in fact I felt that I was being loyal to my own heart and mind in this election. And yet, I have found myself in the position of defending my decision here and elsewhere in the blogosphere, to fellow Kerry supporters.

For every issue that is important to me as a business owner and a mother, Hillary Clinton offered the best positions. I got that she got that it is the economy. I got that she got that health care should be a right in this country, not an option — and that position is one that John Kerry stated so many times in recent years.

Today, Hillary Clinton spoke in Ohio and addressed the needs of families in today’s economy and once again she showed me that she truly gets the struggles of the American people. She doesn’t seek that people should belong to a movement to create change, she offers solutions that can and will be put into motion with experience and the drive to make this country a better place. That is what counts to me in this election, electing a leader with a proven record to get things done, electing a leader who truly listens to the people.

In my opinion, this election should not be decided on rhetoric and rallies, as Clinton pointed out today:

“Let’s have a real campaign. Enough of the speeches and the big rallies and then using tactics that are right out of Karl Rove’s playbook. This is wrong and every Democrat should be outraged because this is the kind of attack that not only undermines core Democratic values but gives aid and comfort to the very special interests and their allies in the Republican Party who are against doing what we want to for America,” she said.

I have mourned in recent weeks to see that hype and hyperbole have dominated this election cycle. I have sought to understand why women have come so far, and yet Hillary Clinton struggles to be heard for precisely the reason that she is a woman. As Robin Morgan said recently, “I’m voting for Hillary not because she’s a woman—but because I am.” That is it in a nutshell — because I am a woman, because I am woman business owner and an only parent, I look at the stance of Clinton and Obama on the issues and see clearly that Hillary Clinton gets it. She gets the struggles of women, she gets that we still struggle to be heard in this country and to break through the pervasive sexism that we see marring this election. She speaks for me as person, as voter who seeks to make a difference in this country and the world.

The American economy is at a low point that will take a lot of work to recover. When all is said and done, the many who rally to support Barack Obama now, crying for change will return to the lives as voters always do after an election and wait for the change to happen. But Barack Obama doesn’t show me that he has the experience to make that change happen. Hillary Clinton does. And that’s why this election is so important — because she’s the leader we need now.

As Bill Clinton said in a fundraising email today: “We can do this together. Let’s keep working.”

We have to give Hillary the resources she needs to make this a fair fight — including running the ad based on her amazing moment from Thursday night’s debate. We need to raise $1.3 million to get this ad on the air and to match the Obama campaign’s ad spending in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island, and Vermont. We have to reach that goal in the next 24 hours.

Watch our new ad and contribute to help us get it on the air in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

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5 Responses to It’s The Economy… And So Many Other Issues

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  2. kcowley says:

    I just saw her comments to Obama on CNN. It was great- she went warrior! I hope she keeps it up.and thank you Pamela for being a warrior yourself! Perhaps they were listening…

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  4. bacalove says:

    Most people know here in America and around the world that is has been Hillary Clinton who has Engaged in Negative Campaigning and that this is just another failed tactic on their party to distort and smear a real candidate who has morals and ethics. Hillary Clinton’s healhcare plan will be like Mandated Auto Insurance, which will cause more suffering to people than it is worth. And, it will also be helpful to the insurance companies, with enforced penalties and fines and the Cost will not be low. Hillarya Clinton Was for Nafta before she was a little bit against it. Hillary Clinton will run the Country like she has run her Campaign, a disastor. Hillary Clinton takes words from her husband and Edwards, but that is not Plagerism. Hillary will never apologize, she does not believe in that. She is a consumate Actress from years in the Whitehouse and Scandal. Every thought she issues has been thoughtout and well planned ahead, she has no Genuine moments. The Real Hillary is the one who, after Barack has won a primary or caucus, comes out on stage and does her stump speech withough Congratulating him at all. She does not like to apologize, nor congratulate. She is not truthful or authentic. She should disclose her Income Tax Reports. She voted for the Iraq war because she did not have enough compassion to be concerned about what it would do to the young men and women and their family who had to do the dirty work of Bush. Unfortunately she was more concerned about doing what was best for Hillary, what was so-called Politically Correct at the time. She says Shame on Obama, I say Shame on Hillary!

    As for Michelle Obama: She intutively states in her speeches that America has become Mean and that our Souls are broken. Whenever have you heard a First Lady speak like that, that we must heal our souls and become Nice again in America.

  5. Kathy says:

    bacalove, you must start reading and listening more. You are wrong on every one of your points regarding Hillary Clinton. It is obvious you haven’t been paying attention. You make my heart sad because there are so many people like you who will not do their homework. If you don’t begin to do an investigation of the two candidates, this country will miss out on the one person who could become the best president we have ever elected. Please, please do some investigating on your own. Try to objectively search and compare both candidates.