Change You Can’t Believe In

I have a young visitor (30 something) from Germany this week. Finding her surprisingly up-to-date on our democratic primary, I asked her where she has been getting her information. She referred me to a German newspaper that has an English edition. I refer you to this excellent article. It will … Continue reading

The Spoiler Returns To Hand the Republicans Another Election

Ralph Nader has officially stepped up to be the “spoiler” in yet another election: Ralph Nader announced on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he’ll run as a third-party, anti-corporate candidate for president this fall, which would be likely to drain votes from the Democratic nominee and provide a huge boon … Continue reading

The Netroots Police

Booman (Booman Tribune) has apparently taken on the role of Netroots Police and has deemed that Talk Left for the Clinton leanings probably shouldn’t be trusted after the primaries are over, to “get back on board” for the general election. I don’t know why I care what Talk Left says. I … Continue reading

SNL: Bitch Is The New Black

The Saturday Night Live “writers are back with a vengeance.”  Last night SNL featured a “devastating opening skit about how in the tank the news media is for Obama and how totally unfair it is to Hillary.” (VIDEO HERE) Then they moved on to a Tina Fey  “commentary on the Weekend Update … Continue reading

Ready Day One Definition with Surgeon Analogy

Ready Day One – What does it mean? I will Explain… It means that Hillary will not need or experience the type of On The Job Training that any other candidate will go through. An example: You need critical heart surgery, it will be very tricky surgery, your life depends … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Great Hoogally-Moogally! The writers’ strike is over and the Academy Awards will go on, as scheduled, tonight! The “Oscars” have always been sort of a big deal in our home, where we play “guess the winner” (and I always win). This year, I’ll probably skip them because I haven’t really … Continue reading

Are Republicans Choosing Our Nominee Only to Screw Us in November?

I’ve been uneasy for sometime now about Obama courting Republicans so heavily to vote for him in the primaries. It’s one thing to do this in the general election (there were Republicans for Kerry in ’04), but another thing altogether to have them weighing in on our nominee. And, it makes me especially … Continue reading

Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young Join Body Of War Soundtrack

Billboard reported today that “Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Peal Jam have contributed tunes to the anti-war soundtrack for a documentary about a U.S. soldier paralyzed in Iraq.” The 30-song, two-disc album “Body of War: Songs That Inspired an Iraq War Veteran” will be released March 18 via Warner Music’s … Continue reading