SNL: Bitch Is The New Black

The Saturday Night Live “writers are back with a vengeance.” 

Last night SNL featured a “devastating opening skit about how in the tank the news media is for Obama and how totally unfair it is to Hillary.” (VIDEO HERE) Then they moved on to a Tina Fey  “commentary on the Weekend Update that shockingly was also very pro Hillary.” (VIDEO HERE)

Here’s the rough transcript via MYDD:

Tina Fey started her news commentary by bringing up the fact that Hillary could be our first female president and that:

some women considered themselves such feminists that their gender would not dictate who they chose as President.These women will vote for whoever Oprah tells them to.”

Fey mentioned people’s fear of a co-presidency, her response was :

“people have a problem with the co-president idea, why, because having two intelligent people solving our nations problems together would be a BAD thing?Its like telling Starsky not to talk to Hutch!”….

She brought up Rush Limbaugh’s statement that the American people were not ready to see someone become an old woman before their eyes (Fey responded that no one had a problem when Ronald Reagan did it).

The transcript is not online yet, but I could get the very last part and that was so great:

Tina Fey:I want to say something about those calling Hillary a bitch…Yeah, well she is…

So am I, so is she (pointing at Weekend Update news host Amy Poehler)

Deal with it

Bitches get stuff DONE!  (Amy says yeah and starts nodding her head, together they get in a rhythm, with Amy saying in response, more yeahs, uh huhs and a you go girl)

Like back in grammar school,

they could have had priests teaching you but, no,

they had tough old nuns who slept on cots

and who could hit ya and you HATED those bitches

But at the end of the school year

you sure KNEW the capital of Vermont!

So COME ON Texas and Ohio

Get on board, it’s not too late!…


To quote Taylor Marsh on her reaction to Fey’s SNL skit: “Ms. Fey is correct. Wear it well, ladies.” “Bitches” DO “get stuff DONE!”

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  1. The Mormon Church owns the affiliate that SNL would air on so we don’t get the same access in Salt Lake that everyone else does.