Change You Can’t Believe In

I have a young visitor (30 something) from Germany this week. Finding her surprisingly up-to-date on our democratic primary, I asked her where she has been getting her information. She referred me to a German newspaper that has an English edition. I refer you to this excellent article. It will give you an idea of how some Germans view this primary.  

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4 Responses to Change You Can’t Believe In

  1. ironxl84 says:

    Good one JoAnne,

    It’s difficult to believe that it took a foreigner to make the case so succinctly. Sometimes it’s easier to see the forest when you aren’t bewildered by the trees I suppose.



  2. green bean says:

    Exactly JoAnne, it is a very good and insightful piece.

    The powerful and the prominents promote the product, market the product, and if consumers are buying the product, strategy works.She is running with a record of works she has done. He is running on an imagination of works he would do. Resistance is futile to a figure bigger than life. People listen but they don’t hear, watch but don’t see, cheer without objective, believe without vigilance. Debates add dimensions to the campaigns, but staging massive rallies can change more minds. Money munipulates. Exploitation intimidates. Comparing him with past presidents is comparing apples with gold. No president had ever been able to capture such a mega admiration from the people they served. Even superdelegates are struggling to be relevant.

    Radiance of a star shows me what an outcast I am. So I am.

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