The Netroots Police

Booman (Booman Tribune) has apparently taken on the role of Netroots Police and has deemed that Talk Left for the Clinton leanings probably shouldn’t be trusted after the primaries are over, to “get back on board” for the general election.

I don’t know why I care what Talk Left says. I think it is just pride in the artform of blogging. I can’t stand to see analysis so bad that it is indiscernible from straight-up undisclosed shilling. Talk Left is an insult to the genre of left-wing political blogging. It’s so easy to debunk their crap that it is an beneath most people to even bother.

And it’s impossible that they can just shrug off their performance in the primary and get back on board for the general. They have so little credibility…who would want them as an ally?

What kind of crap is that? Booman took offense to Jeralyn’s post that included a link to Republicans For Obama and the quote that I also posted from Jeralyn in my post below:

Who’s really picking our Democratic nominee? If it’s the Democratic youth or African American voters, I’m okay with that. That’s fair. If it’s Republicans, I’m not. We’ll get trounced in November.Without reliable stats to show Obama’s support is from those who will for the Democrat in November, I’d say the best way to ensure Republicans stay out of our race and don’t steal another election from us is for Dems to vote for Hillary to be the nominee.

I’m curious… Will Booman start blacklisting all the Clinton supporters in the netroots? Because there are more than a few of us. The implication that any blog or blogger in the netroots that supports Clinton shouldn’t be trusted “get back on board” for the general election is in a word asinine.

Personally, I hold no illusions that the Obama team will even be welcoming to those of us who support Clinton. But the netroots is about more than just one presidential election, isn’t it? May not, perhaps we’re all supposed to blog in lock step for the chosen netroots candidate in the primaries or else we face being called an “insult to the genre of left-wing political blogging.”

Of course, we could all reflect on the early days of the netroots back in the day of the ’04 election, when most of the members of the netroots supported Howard Dean. Those of us who supported Kerry were ostracized then as well. Nothing much has changed. The netroots version of the beltway boys deem that they run the show in the blogosphere.

I’ve never really felt a part of the netroots, as Kerry ’04 blogger, but it’s just really sad that Booman acts as judge and jury on who liberal and progressive blogs should support in this primary election season and whether they can be trusted to support the nominee in the general election. I’m not sure why any of us would want to participate in the general election given this sort of crap from Booman.

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Pamela Leavey is the Editor in Chief, Owner/Publisher of The Democratic Daily as well as a freelance writer and photographer. Pamela holds a certificate in Contemporary Communications from UMass Lowell, a Journalism Certificate from UMass Amherst and a B.A. in Creative Writing and Digital Age Communications from UMass Amherst UWW.
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48 Responses to The Netroots Police

  1. ginaswo says:

    Thank you for your post Pamela ,

    many folks, like myself, depend on the honesty of you and Talk Left and others who are asking genuine questions and issues of concern to many of us in the party, particularly the ‘base’ as I have heard voters like myself described in MSM. I think it is the duty of voters to ask these questions and fully vet their candidate prior to the GE (d’uh as my daughter would say), despite the ‘rants’ of some who think it is wrong to do so.
    The position taken by Boo above is for me, similar to the GOP calling anyone who questions our foreign policy here in the USA ‘unpatriotic’; Booman and some others appear to consider any attempt to discuss the impact of non base votes in the GE as an antiObama Hillary supporter tirade. All some of us want is to discuss our concerns with eac other i our free and open system, I am seeing people being ‘muzzled’ by folks who say they are ‘progressives’, that makes no sense to me.
    So I say keep on truckin’ or that is what BJ and the Bear would say anyway.

    Thank you for the work, please keep it up!

  2. bayareavoter says:

    thank you. sad, but too true and disappointing

  3. CognitiveDissonance says:

    I think that what is more likely to happen is that DKOS, Booman, HuffPo, TPM, etc., are never going to be trusted again by many in the Progressive community. Not the opposite. Talk Left and a few others have managed to stay sane when all the boyblogz decided to back the most unprogressive candidate. They (and you as well) will be the ones I continue to read in the runup to the general. Incidentally, it is typical of them to think that it’s all over and that Obama has won. We’ll see. And if by some miracle he does win, I expect him to go down in McGovernlike defeat in the general. But the boyblogz will have long since lost their audience and will be left alone wondering what happened.

  4. Northwest rain says:

    Thank you for standing up for TRUTH. I am now a Senator Clinton supporter due in large part to the behavior of the Obamabots who seem to want total unquestioning allegiance to their messiah.

    Then I began looking at Obama’s character issues — and asking WHAT has he really done for others?

    Obama’s got major problems and the netroot police may try to muzzle any criticism from Hillary supporters — but you can be sure that the Republicans cannot be bullied.

    Obama’s selection of friends and advisers goes to his character. Rezko is a major backers of Obama and Rezko is going to trial within days.

    Even if Hillary Clinton was not running I would still investigate Obama — and what I’ve found is a very shallow, egotistical man who thinks first of himself. Oh gosh — another bush!

    Check out Obama — read Taylor Marsh and No Quarter (links to the right on LBAN Blogroll) — do a google search on Obama.

    Ask questions — the sort of questions that you’ve pose to ANY candidate who came to you asking for a job (in this case the job is to be President of the US).

  5. abycat says:

    Pamela – thank you for your post. You just got added to my favorites.

  6. secularhumanizinevoluter says:

    WOW! Another sane voice in this hurricane screech of obamatsunama word farts filling the cyberwaves. How have we come to this? Aren’t WE supposed to be the smarter ones? The ones who concider and think before we act? How has this charlatan, this empty suit of a snakeoil salesman been able to get soooo many to eat the lotus and sip the coolaide?(actually, it was Flavoaide they used at Jonestown). I just found your site through Taylor marsh and just wanted to thank you for being a small light against the darkness that is threatening our party and country. This man is DANGERUS. He is G. Bush only thinner and with a suntan. How did we get here?

  7. LatinoVoter says:

    I just saw his threatening email over at Taylor Marsh and had to laugh. He must be part of the Obama Gestapo Police or something. The part of the email I found particularly ridiculous was saying that Taylor would never recover with the Hispanic community online.

    Well I’m Latino and there is no way in hell I’d ever vote for the empty suit that is Sen. Obama. He’s been a pitiful Senator for me and he’d make an even worse President.

  8. 1950democrat says:

    Thanks for sanity, Pamela.

    What we need are some good centrist, decent, traditional Democrat sites with the ‘big blog’ capabilities.

  9. OxyCon says:

    I wonder what the traffic statistics are for those Barack sucker blogs. I’m sure there any many people such as myself who stopped going to their websites awhile ago when I realized that they were in the bag for Obama, and if you dared to post something negative about Obama, you were immediately flamed by all of the Disciples of Hope and Change (otherwise known as Barack suckers).

  10. JoeCHI says:


  11. Masslib says:

    Personally, I’d have problems supporting Obama in a GE. This is the most media driven candidacy I’ve ever seen or heard of in my life. His supporters and the candidate have a facist tone that I find so unhealthy for democracy. How many Hillary supporters have had their purely pro-Hillary comments scrubbed from HuffPo, CNN/MSNBC and even the NY Times blogs? How many Hillary supporters at dailykos have gone months without the ability to rec or troll comments for some small offense? Obama’s campaign is more vapid than any I have ever seen. His supporters are rabid and hateful to anyone that wonders where’s the beef? It’s not natural. It’s dangerous. Oh, I would never vote for a Republican or Nader(Ewww), but I don’t think I have a place in such a Party.

  12. coldH2Owi says:

    -Barack suckers

    -this charlatan, this empty suit of a snakeoil salesman been able to get soooo many to eat the lotus and sip the coolaide?(actually, it was Flavoaide they used at Jonestown).

    -He is G. Bush only thinner and with a suntan

    This is sanity? Jesus Christ.

  13. kimmy says:

    Thank the lord, another place online I can visit. Thank you Booman and Talkleft, for pointing the way here.

    Another “A”-lister bites the dust, in my book. Pamela, you’re bookmarked.

  14. nycvoter says:

    I think it is a shame that the progressive blogs are not doing anything more helpful than the mass media when it comes to helping progressives decide who will be the best nominee for the Democratic party. Showing the stregnths and weaknesses of both candidates would be a better service to us all. Annointing Obama as our candidate rather than vetting him is helping no one other than the Republicans. I will vote for our candidate, but I do hope it’s Hillary Rodham Clinton!

  15. nycvoter says:

    oh, and Pamela, thanks for putting this out there, we need more of a discussion about the pressure that is being placed on progressive bloggers to just get on board the Obamination!

  16. Athyrio says:

    Thank you Pamela for your valuable insight and for having the knokwledge to speak out for the true democrats….Kudos!!

  17. Nancy says:

    hmm, i totally agree with you. i also now feel like a jerk for having been a dean supporter who’s been dismissive of kerry at times. i’m taking your post to heart; i hope booman will too.

  18. tjproudamerican says:


    Is this really what you want? NorthwestRain and all the other haters from Taylor Marsh rushing to thank you for attacking Obama?

    Reading Marsh is bad enough. She si in full “let’s burn down his house” mode, making accusations and charges against Obama that are silly and making so many excuses for Hillary that even she must realize how morally bankrupt she is. But her comments are even more vile.

    And now her readers have taken you to their heart.

    It is sad.

  19. Bourges says:

    I thought until today that “Talk Left” was my only source of moderate progressive commentary. Thank you.

  20. tjproudamerican

    There are very few progressive blogs where Hillary Clinton supporters are welcome these days. This is one of them. I don’t think it’s right that certain members of the progressive blogosphere or the netroots judge other members of the progressive blogosphere for who they support. I didn’t feel it was right in ’04 and I still don’t.

  21. Pat Johnson says:

    Thank God there are some sites still out there that are decrying some of this Obama worship. I hope I am wrong but I think there will be buyer’s remorse should he get the nomination. This guy has skated through on a press pass exactly like George W when he ran in 2000. I have never witnessed more vitriol thrown at a candidate like Hillary Clinton. And the press never did give the other candidates a real chance in coverage. Now we are stuck with Obama and have little evidence of his abilities other than the rhetoric. Give me a break!

  22. AllPaths says:

    Reason 487 why the GOPers have so much fun laughing at us – in other words: here we go again~

  23. Crusty Dem says:

    Pamela, independent of whom you support, I would think it should be obvious that Jeralyn’s reasoning is horrid (and Booman is not criticizing her support of Clinton, but her dreadfully poor analysis). Simplified, she states, “I think some republicans are voting for Obama, so all democrats should vote for Clinton”. This is specious, particularly considering that in most states, it’s independents who shift the tally for Obama, not republicans (I’m not sure which states allow registered republicans to vote in the democratic primary, but it’s not a long list). And, uh, independents do vote in the GE, and often for the democratic candidate.

    I, for one, do not take all these polls saying Obama would beat McCain while Clinton would lose seriously. That said, it is absolutely perverse logic to deduce that support from independents (or even republicans) is, in itself, a reason to vote against a given candidate.

  24. campskunk says:

    i’ve been noticing it a lot in the past two weeks. some of the more vocal obama supporters are saying that anyone who’s not firmly in the obama camp, as of now, is a no-good, lousy mccain supporter.

    they’re basically issuing an ultimatum to the 55% of the democratic party who don’t support obama. the threat is that they’ll be rejected and expelled from the party, because obama now IS the democratic party- there is no longer any room in the party for people who don’t believe he’s The One™.

  25. He is G. Bush, only thinner and with a suntan.

    Pamela: What do you think the ulterior motive of someone like that is? I don’t see that as being helpful for either Dem.

  26. Crusty Dem

    I think we should look at what some Republicans are circulating on the internet about voting for Obama with caution and open minds. Yes, we want independents to vote for the Dem candidate and also we want Republicans too. But when some make announcements on the internet to vote for Obama in the primary and then switch back and vote for their nominee in the general, well I think we might have a bit of a problem.

  27. splashy says:

    Here is another refugee from the Obama-all-the-time blogs. I am so thankful for finding this other group of hangouts!

    What is WITH these folks, that they think it’s fine to THREATEN

  28. splashy says:

    Oops, hit the send too soon.

    As I was saying, they think it fine to THREATEN others that don’t feel the same way and question the crowd?


  29. nene says:

    Who cares what those guys think with their “Don’t make trouble” crap? They’re trying to be bullies and it’s not going to work. Pfffffft!

  30. skippy says:


    w/all due respect, i believe crusty dean hit the nail on the head about what booman was doing. booman didn’t rail on jeralyn for her support of hillary, but rather for her poor logic in coming to a conclusion based on very unverifiable and iffy propositions, eg, the gop are crossing over and voting for obama in order to “game” the dem primaries.

  31. Skippy

    I’ll just choose to stand by my post and my reply to crusty. I’m rather disheartened by many things this election season. Thanks for weighing in.

  32. ann says:

    Thanks for the post. It is a sad, sad day when it takes a special act of courage to stand up and a say you support one of two of the democratic candidates for president. How is it that supposed democrats are being allowed to intimidate, berate and threaten other democrats for their votes?

    If the DNC nominates BO it will threaten the party itself.

  33. “I think that what is more likely to happen is that DKOS, Booman, HuffPo, TPM, etc., are never going to be trusted again by many in the Progressive community.”

    Amen. I have no desire whatsoever to ‘get on board’ with any of these. Not interested in being one of their ‘blog lemmings.’

  34. Ann

    “It is a sad, sad day when it takes a special act of courage to stand up and a say you support one of two of the democratic candidates for president.”

    It is indeed. It took a lot ot get to the place where I would say it here and then I’ve taken quite a few hits since, as have other bloggers supporting HRC.

    Ultimately I want to see a Dem in the White House however so I do hope everyone will find a way to come together regardless of who the nominee is. I know it will be tough, but we can’t afford another republican president.

  35. 1950democrat says:

    If anyone thinks there are no GOP crossing over to vote for Obama as a ‘stop HIllary’ move — or that the Obama campaign is encouraging this — then see evidence at

    If Obama really thinks he can win red states, then he should prove it: drop ouf of the current primaries, get elected Governor of a little red state, and unify it into a model of perfection from which to run for POTUS in 2012.

  36. 1950democrat says:

    Sorry, that should have read:

    If anyone thinks there are NO Republicans crossing over to vote for Obama just to stop Hillary — or that the Obama campaign is NOT encouraging this as “Democrat/Obamacrat for a Day” — then see evidence at

  37. Sharon Chang says:

    Pamela, thank you for being a voice of reason in what often seems to be a teeming mass of chanters and ranters for a person who can charm and cajole people into ignoring his lack of credibility. I fear for the Democrats if he is the candidate we select. His whole movement is like a malignant tumor that grows and mutates so much faster than the body it inhabits that it threatens to bring the end to its host. We need to find a way to put this cancer into remission so the Democratic party can survive.

  38. Margy says:

    Kos and TPM and Huff Post have all been deleted off my Bookmarks.

    They’ve showed their true colors during this election season, and they are not pretty. Be a lemming or get out!

    They, if anything, have driven me to support Hillary and anybody but Obama.

    The cult-lemming campaign is deeply disturbing.

  39. kenoshaMarge says:

    I am another Newbie at this site. I came via Taylor Marsh and am happy that I did.

    By staying as far away as possible from former stomping grounds at kos, Americablog, Huffington, BuzzFlash and other all Obama all the time I was feeling a little lost.

    Then I found NoQuarter, TalkLeft, Taylor Marsh and now here. I am once again happy to have found someplace I feel at home. In fact I’ve found 4!

    And I consider myself lucky to have had the honor to have voted in the Wisconsin Primary for Hillary Rodham Clinton. I’ve voted in every presidential primary beginning in 1968 and it was a thrill to actually be able to cast a vote for a terrific female candidate.

    And for those that don’t think there was any Dem/for/a/day voting going on, the Rightwing Blogs and Radio stations are BRAGGING about it. One Wisconsin country, that is so red it almost hurts your eyes voted overwhelmingly for Obama! Open registration like we have here may make it easier for people to vote, which was the intention, it also makes it easier for the integrity challenged to scam the system.

  40. This is Stuart O’Neill oneof Pamela’s authors. I have a request for the many above who have done more specific homework and have specific information about Senator Obama. I’ve been offline or you would have seen this post immediately.

    I have done posts supporting Senator Clinton including the last one “We Need A Warrior’.

    What I haven’t had personal time to do, with travel and work interfering, is to do an indepth analysis of the allegations I see against Obama.

    I know his campaign has systematically used passive-aggressive language and old school actions to grab the media spotlight. I see a true Media Candidate being marketed and branded, in the business-sense, as a commodity. I advocated such an approach for another person who never entered the race. The difference was that person had zero true dirty laundry in the background. I know the approach and many of the techniques, since I was working with a famomous Madison Ave expert, very well. And I recognize all of them.

    I need references with specific links or citations to do an indepth piece for The Democratic Daily and others. I still post at DKos and get hammered but also see more supporters surface when the article is documented, unemotional and reasonably well-written.

    Anyone with specific information or sources please email me. I’ll get the material together as soon as possible.

    This is a man who, I sincerely believe, isn’t qualified to be President Of the United States.

  41. Generally, when people get really angry and use bullying tactics for not a whole lot of reason, I figure I’ve struck a nerve. I imagine that, in this case, the nerve would have been this one:

    Without reliable stats to show Obama’s support is from those who will for the Democrat in November, I’d say the best way to ensure Republicans stay out of our race and don’t steal another election from us is for Dems to vote for Hillary to be the nominee.

    But check this polling from Texas Pollsters IVR:

    Update – Analysis of the data has revealed a surprisingly large number of Democratic primary voters that would vote against the same candidate in the general that they voted for in the primary. Almost all are older white Bush voters, and they break heavily for Obama. Those that break for Clinton are mostly female, while the Obama voters are equally split on gender.

    So, there’s data out there, and there’s also dots to connect in the form of the various “Democrat for a Day” campaign materials that we’ve seen.

    Personally, I think that if Republicans provide the margin of victory for any Democratic candidate in a Democratic candidate, that’s bad. So Jeralyn’s question was very relevant, and good for her for asking it. Maybe I’ll get put on BooMan’s enemies list next! What fun!

  42. kenoshaMarge says:

    Just one small bit of evidence of crossover voting here in Wisconsin. These ethically challenged folks not only played our system of open registration but are bragging about it in the states largest, and conservative paper.

    Sadly my vote for Hillary Clinton was negated by some Republican thug with no ethics or integrity that will then proudly cast a vote for McCain in November.

    Our system of open and same day registration in Wisconsin is supposed to make voting easier for everyone. Trust the Republicans to play the system for their own benefit. May be legal, but for people that spout about their “values” it sure isn’t ethical or something done by people of integrity. Guess those things are of value to them like they are to me.

  43. tas says:

    Booman (Booman Tribune) has apparently taken on the role of Netroots Police and has deemed that Talk Left for the Clinton leanings probably shouldn’t be trusted after the primaries are over, to “get back on board” for the general election.

    And what’s wrong with Booman’s statement? When Talk Left burns all their credibility running defense for Hillary, including ridiculous assertions that Obama is sexist for using the word “periiodiically,” then they don’t deserve to be as respected as they once were before the 2008 primaries. That’s what Jeralyn gets — and deserves — for her uncritical support of Hillary, as well as subjecting us to the atrocious biases of Armando/Big Tent Democrat. (Ironic how Armando claims he’s for the “big tent” while doing so much to exclude anyone who disagrees with him.)

    And if you don’t like this, too bad. Look up “credibility” in the dictionary and then get back to me.

  44. Lambert

    Jeralyn’s question was very relevant and it’s a damn shame these folks with the enemies list have their heads stuck so far up you know where that they can’t see it. I’m heading over to your place to say hello!

  45. tas

    There’s plenty wrong with what Booman said, including the tidbits that Lambert pointed out here.

    Look, the bottomline is this — Talk Left and any other progressive blog that supports Clinton has the right to do so in the primary season. That is called DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM OF SPEECH, as well.

    Because Talk Left, myself and other progressive bloggers are backing HRC, that does not mean we have lost credibility, it means we have a different opinion on who is best suited to be the Democratic nominee and we have a right to back who we please.

    For Booman to assert that Talk Left or any other progressive blogger won’t be on board in the GE if Obama is the nominee is simply ludicrous. We’ve all (HRC supporters) made it very clear that we will back the nominee.

    I don’t see any HRC supporting blogs asking if the progressive bloggers will support HRC if she manages to pull off the nomination. But since you think Booman is right — I will ask you – Will you support HRC in the GE?

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  47. Kellyk says:

    Hey tas,

    BTD has endorsed Obama over Clinton.

    Kneejerk much?

  48. kenoshaMarge says:

    It seems that there’s a whole lot of people that don’t like the tone or the unfairness of most of the A List blogs. Many of us have left and sought friendlier climes. Like here where we can state that we support Hillary Clinton without being bombarded with invective.

    Because we did not support Obama we fled the wrath of the Obamatrons. It is doubtful, actually absolutely certain in my case, that we will return to the blogs that have slandered, slimed, and lied about our candidate and insulted those of us that support her.