I’m a “Whiner”–and I Don’t Intend to Stop Whining

This primary has demonstrated nothing if it has not demonstrated how Americans view misogyny as opposed to racism. Let me begin by stating that I know that the United States is a very racist nation, and nothing I am about to say should be interpreted to mean that I think … Continue reading

Do Marketing and Branding “Create” The Candidate ?

In the Jerome Armstrong post referenced by Pamela, a commenter says that ‘the worth of a candidate is measured partially by the effectiveness of their campaign’. The WORTH of a candidate is their campaign? Has the concept of ‘governance’ simply disappeared? Have we lost sight of the fact that the … Continue reading

What Jerome Said

I’m posting lite today for a multitude of reasons including pressing business matters and the fact that I have grown weary and wary of the growing the divisions amongst progressive bloggers over this primary season. There’s a lot ugliness in the news and on the blogs today and a lot … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Ah, Monday…the beginning of another busy work week. It’s also when we get to see which of the many news stories that broke before and over the weekend stunk enough to stick. Personally, I look forward to Monday’s because that’s when I get to find out what’s on Uncle Jay’s … Continue reading