Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Ah, Monday…the beginning of another busy work week. It’s also when we get to see which of the many news stories that broke before and over the weekend stunk enough to stick.

Personally, I look forward to Monday’s because that’s when I get to find out what’s on Uncle Jay’s mind: Uncle Jay Explains the News – February 25, 2008

I know the Ten Post Round-Up is unlikely to ever be considered “stellar”, but I certainly hope you find something to propel your thinking:

1: The hits jus’ keep on comin’ with McCain…

John McCain’s other scandal, it’s actually quite serious, and criminalAMERICAblog

2: Does the taxpayer have “Geico” for that?…

The Most Expensive Air Crash in HistoryCommonDreams.org

3: So, if we allow the telecoms to be open to lawsuits, the terrorists win?…

MSNBC’s Alex Witt and Col. Jack Jacobs Push For Telecom AmnestyCrooks and Liars

4: And I thought Ron Paul stirred up serious ire amongst the electorate…

The Last Run of Ralph NaderDyre Portents

5: GWB calls the “Wambulance”…

FISA: President Specious Opens Yap, Petulantly Stamps Foot…AgainFiredoglake

6: Something to think about…

Plenty to Be Ashamed of…Identity Check

7: Incorporate police state tactics into your children’s playtime!…

Scan-It X-Ray Machine Playset – Seriously?OhGizmo!

8: Retain the proper amount of body fluids when driving in the carpool lane or face the consequences…

Roadside cameras that detect BLOOD will catch lone drivers who abuse car-sharing lanesOpen Your Minds Eye

9: What are we really accomplishing in Iraq?…

In Tatters Beneath a Surge of ClaimsSigns of the Times

10: How GWB exploits the fear of terrorists for political gain…

Timeline Of Bush Admin’s Politicization Of Terror, 2002-2008uncomfortably numb

A trip to outer space, might be a proper send off to a lot of our most prominent politicians and their cronies (let’s leave the earth to the “reality-based” community). Maybe they can all go on a really (really, really, really…etc.) long trip to find out, definitively, whether or not Pluto should be designated a planet.

And, then I woke up…

329 días hasta el final de un error…


(One small step for man…)

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4 Responses to Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

  1. Hi Dizzy!
    Thanks so much for putting my blog on your ten post round-up!

  2. Here I was, looking for Oscars insights.

  3. Dizzy Dezzi says:

    I totally missed the Oscar’s, last night. In fact, I didn’t watch any television. I am just a wee bit disappointed that Johnny Depp didn’t get an Oscar, but at least “Sweeney Todd” walked away with a few statues.

  4. Darrell, Dezzi

    I watched most of them, but obviously didn’t post about them. I didn’t find Jon Stewart all that entertaining but it might have been because I had other things on my mind.

    I still haven’t seen Sweeney Todd – I never go to the movies – I wait for the DVD’s.

    I had seen about a 3rd of the top films all of which are great. I would have liked to have seen Tom Wilkson and George Clooney win for Michael Clayton. I didn’t even get off the couch when I watched it – it was that engrossing.