What Jerome Said

I’m posting lite today for a multitude of reasons including pressing business matters and the fact that I have grown weary and wary of the growing the divisions amongst progressive bloggers over this primary season. There’s a lot ugliness in the news and on the blogs today and a lot of speculation surrounding a piece on Drudge Report. I’m not going to get into analyzing it or it’s origins, I’m just going to say I agree with Jerome.

I’m disheartened by all of the ins and outs in this campaign season. I’ll be glad when it’s over. Let me know what you’re thinking about this mess called election season.

UPDATE: Via DU, the origins of the photo on Drudge causing the latest hoopla that Jerome was commenting on is apparently the National Examiner, the Free Republic and the wingnuts. Howard Wolfson called out the media on this firestorm. The pile on by progressive bloggers supporting Obama has been a sad statement as others have noted.

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4 Responses to What Jerome Said

  1. debunker says:

    It bothers me that many, on other sites, immediately are blaming the Clinton campaign for distributing this photo. Of course, Drudge, saying he got it from Clinton staffers, started that accusation rolling.

    But, I think too many are too quick to point fingers. Let’s think this through…wouldn’t Drudge have something to gain by that accusation? And, maybe it’s just me, but, this tactic reeks of the Republicans. Ties in with the fearmongering they love to do. Plus, the distributor of the photo (or the idea person) would have to assume the Clinton campaign would be blamed. Wow…the value of two jabs at both democratic candidates with one shot. Priceless…to the GOP.

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