More On Republicans for Obama

Dallas News reports that early voters are swarming Texas. The other day I worte about the movement of some Texas Republicans who are planning to vote for Obama in the primary and then switch back to vote for McCain in general election. Some of us are concerned about this. The Houston Chronicle has … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

I need a vacation. I don’t mean, jus’ some time off. I mean a real vacation, that starts with words like “Bahamas” or “Jamaica” and ends with me nodding off after drinking too many Mojitos. I just got done with what I like to call my “Anti-procrastination Week”. I mean, … Continue reading

Thoughts on Costumegate

Jennifer Rubin noted on Commentary on Monday that Hillary Clinton “delivered (amidst the distraction of costume-gate, which makes me think this was not an official Clinton tactic) a foreign policy address in Washington D.C. today.” (see below) Kudos to Jennifer for getting it. There is no reason why the Clinton … Continue reading

Clinton Delivers Foreign Policy Speech

Hillary Clinton delivered a foreign policy speech at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. on Monday. Joining her at the speech were “a group of senior retired military and defense officials who have endorsed her to be this nation’s next Commander-in-Chief.” They included:  General Wesley Clark, Lt. General Joe Ballard, … Continue reading