Thoughts on Costumegate

Jennifer Rubin noted on Commentary on Monday that Hillary Clinton “delivered (amidst the distraction of costume-gate, which makes me think this was not an official Clinton tactic) a foreign policy address in Washington D.C. today.” (see below)

Kudos to Jennifer for getting it. There is no reason why the Clinton camp would thwart a big foreign policy speech. No reason what-so-ever. It’s commonsense 101. How many progressive bloggers missed the lesson from ’04? I certainly did not.

Having been a blogger for Kerry ’04, I saw this same sort of stuff happen over and over again in ’04. Kerry would gives a major policy¬†speech — Drudge and the wingnuts would come out to dominate the news cycle with a vengeance. But in this case, since it played well for the Obama camp to blame Clinton for the Drudge hit piece, many of our own in the progressive blogosphere supporting Obama fell in line to place the blame too, as I noted here earlier. So sad.

I think there is some blindness on the part of progressive bloggers who think Barack Obama can hold his own against this crap. There will be no Clinton campaign to blame it on if Obama is the nominee. The only thing proven at this point is that the Obama camp is pinning the blame in the wrong quarters and the media has been incredibly unfair to Clinton in this race, as they were to John Kerry in ’04.

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2 Responses to Thoughts on Costumegate

  1. debunker says:

    I agree with Pamela…the media has been very unfair to the Clinton campaign. The media is being played like pawns by those who, from past experience, know how to play the media..RE: Drudge, GOP, swift boaters.

    I’ve heard numerous times this morning that Obama has been endorsed by Chris Dodd. I have yet to hear on national media TV that Clinton was endorsed Monday by numerous military big wigs whom support her foreign policy philosphy and support her as the next commander-in-chief. I learned about it via the internet. What gives?

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