Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Questioner

I hope last night’s Democratic debate was the last one. Ever. I can stands so much till I can stands no more. But it really has become, as the Times notes this morning, a parody. A parody of a parody, complete with idiotic questions, followed by the attendant “insight” of … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

My apologies for the late-edition of the round-up, today. I’ve been feeling a little off, physically, so I decided to take it easy and slept right through the time I normally prepare and post. And, since I’m not feeling so hot, today, I’ve gotta keep the music to a light … Continue reading

Who Will Endure?

I watched the debate last night between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It was clearly the best debate between the two of them—— interesting and substantive. Hillary Clinton was the stronger debater. She clearly showed that she is “a fighter” and that she has command of the issues. She demonstrated … Continue reading

Circular Obama

Unfortunately I caught all of about 15 minutes of the debate last night. What I did manage to catch was the discussion between Tim Russert, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on Louis Farrakhan’s recent announcement that he was supporting Obama. Obama drew some heat from Hillary Clinton on Obama’s waffling … Continue reading