Warning… The Press Will Torment Obama, Too

The press will torment Obama, too.” Anyone who thinks this won’t happen to either Obama or Clinton, who ever the nominee is, is dreaming. The Republican Noise Machine will kick in… Eric Boehlert noted on Media Matters today:

With Sen. Barack Obama now emerging as the Democratic front-runner, clear signs suggest that his press treatment will soon change and that the media will fall back into their routine of viewing — and critiquing — leading Democrats through the eyes of Republican spin. […]

… Obama is not immune to bad press — bad press that has nothing to do with his past, his policies, or his campaign platform. But bad press that journalists essentially concoct, the way they do every four years when a Democrat eyes the White House.

Point blank, neither of our candidates will be immune to attacks from the Noise Machine. The question is who will handle the attacks better. I don’t think the “you can’t say that about Barack Obama” routine will hold up come general election season and I just don’t see him to be the fighter that Clinton is. Just my 2 cents.

Someone needs to tell Michelle that she can’t begin to compare Barack’s ’04 Senate race to what he’ll get hit with. John McCain made the point today that Obama is campaigning on the “past.” I think we’ll see more of this from McCain. It won’t hurt Obama with Democrats but could bite into the Independents and Republicans for Obama who may not be 100% sold. I spoke with a local merchant the other day who told me he voted for Clinton in the CA primary, as an Independent, but he’ll vote for McCain in the general if Obama is the nominee. He had one precise reason — McCain is experienced like Clinton, Obama is not.

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12 Responses to Warning… The Press Will Torment Obama, Too

  1. CognitiveDissonance says:

    Bingo, Pamela. Someone told me they heard on NPR today some poll that said 29% of democrats won’t support Obama if he is our nominee. I would bet those are the voters who consider experience to be the most important qualification for the presidency. If that is accurate, it is definitely enough to sink him in the general, probably by a landslide.

  2. Steve Cohn says:

    Hi- Just two quick comments (from an Obama supporter)…
    On attacking Obama, he has less “skeletons” than Hillary. Alhough he’ll be dragged though endless muck, there will be less substance to it as for no other reason than he just hasn’t been around as long.

    On the 29% of Democrats that won’t support him, not sure where you got that (I’ll take you at your word). He has more independents and republicans voting for him than Hillary. Per every poll out there, swing voters are more apt to vote McCain over Hillary, but Obama over McCain.

    As far as Democrats not supporting him, that’s like saying the “right” won’t vote for McCain. In the end, if the White House is on the line, people will vote for who they agree with the most. I think the Right has a better chance of not voting for McCain as they need to prove they are still relevant. For Democrats, or folks like me in the middle, we’ll vote for the canddiate we feel best about, even if they aren’t 100% who we wanted.

    Either way, I expect Pamela’s site here to be pretty busy on Wednesday!

  3. kcowley says:

    Steve, Thank you for pointing out that he hasn’t been around long, that is the crucial point He absolutely does not have my vote and I’m certain that I’m not the only woman around who has been throughly offended by his and his wife’s sexist remarks.

  4. Steve Cohn says:

    Hi kcowley-
    not to shift gears into a different topic, but since you brought it up…
    I’ve read a lot about the sexist remarks angle and, as I male, I don’t see it. Given, as a male, I can’t see anythng unless my wife points it out to me (humor!?!).

    For the sexist angle, I am likely to judge a man by the women he courts/dates/marries. In Obama’s case, he married an independent, strong willed, confident, extremely intelligent woman. I think if he was a sexist, that wouldn’t be the case. If not by choice, but soem one like Michele wouldn’t put up with it and kick him to the curb!

    I think if you have the impression some one is sexist, it’s easy to exaime what they say and support that view. And, quite frankly, at the last debate and a few times before & after, Hillary has basically said, in not these exact words, vote for me because I’m a woman. The glass ceiling comment and the closing statement at the last debate.

    I’d say that was more “sexist” than anything.

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  6. kcowley says:

    Steve, not shifting gears- just giving an example of a “left” not voting for Obama and a view for you to ponder coming directly from a person- not a poll..
    Regardless of her relationship with her sexist husband Michele Obama’s comment concerning. “housekeeping” was sexist. Period.
    Why should a vote for Hillary be any less transcendental than a vote for Obama?
    Have we ever crossed these boundaries and had a female president?
    Sadly, sexism is deeply embedded and veiled in our society and not always perceptible at first glance, Anyways, glad to hear that you are sensitive enough to listen to your wife’s judgement of things misogynist!

  7. Mel says:

    To say Obama has less skeletons than Clinton is a farse! Clinton has been vetted, Obama’s vetting starts March 3rd with the Rezko trial!

    Anyone who believes that Rezko won’t sing is only fooling themselves! After he has sat and learned what toexpect, while in that jail for a month now, Rezko will roll!

    The Democrats had better be prepared for a fully loaded shot gun attack by the Republicans on Obama if he is the candidate, with his ties!

    Even the vetting of Obama acting as a “Good Boy” in turning over money in the amounts Rezko provided, which Obama failed to disclose until caught by the media is the tip of things!

    Obama did not do the right thing, he did the exact opposite! Dirty money compiled by Rezko is what place Obama in the political seat he holds today, and it put Obama into the Presidential campaign! Obama still lives in the house provided by Rezko participation and Obama is still a US Senator due to Rezko money, thus every facet and the enjoyments of life Obama savours today is built on dirty money and Obama personally never took a dime from his pocket to repay, it came from donations towards his Presidential campaign, from folks placing money towards a dream of words from Obama! Why should ordinary folks be paying for Obama’s prior sins?

    The tip of the iceburg has not been seen by the USS Obama, and titantic disasters await when opening statements take place on March 10th in Chicago!

    The outcome will be disaterous for the Democratic party!

  8. Steve Cohn says:

    Clinton is not vetted. Period. Seriously, stop with the “vetted” comments as it’s delusionial. We have not seen her tax return and McCain isn’t going after her hard for two reasons (she may not be the nominee and they would rather face her than Obama).

    She has not released her tax returns or the documents from her days in the White House. If she had nothing to hide, the tax returns would be out. If the White House papers where 100% positive and would be able to reinforce her experience & judgement, they’d be out by now.

    Not to mention the 140+ people Bill Clinton pardoned- that will come back to haunt her as many of those people helped her in the senate race and are helping her now. And if they ever are able to identify who actuially gave to the Clinton library that’ll be a nightmare for her as well.

    To say she is vetted is fiction. 100% pure fiction.

    I know we disagree and I appreciate the friendly banter, but the concpet that Hillary is “vetted” is just not true. If you mean to say she has been dragged through the mud more, that’ sfine. If you mean to say she can withstand and move forward, fine. But she isn’t vetted.Mel-

  9. Steve Cohn

    1st: Point blank:

    What Bill did in office is not Hillary. His library isn’t HER library. Who he pardoned is who HE pardoned.

    So seriously, if you disagree that Clinton is vetted, please do not say here on The Dem Daily that it is delusional. It’s a matter of opinion and no one who thinks she is vetted is delusional. There are plenty of people in this country who feel she is.

    2nd: On the Obama sexism issue:

    There are plenty of strong/independent women like Michelle Obama who marry men who are capable of making sexist statements and acting in a sexist manner. There are also plenty of strong/independent women who actually are also capable of making sexist statements. Michelle Obama who has dropped a few sexist lines herself.

    For a woman to say she wants to break the glass ceiling is not a sexist comment. No one made that claim when Nancy Pelosi became the first woman Speaker of the House.

    I’ve battled plenty of sexism in my life and I’m incredibly open minded considering. Most of my dearest friends are men and many of them show themselves to be sexist at times. I have never been afraid to let them know when they are.

  10. Steve Cohn says:

    Delusional was the first word that popped into my mind…didn’t mean to offend. I didn’t mean it in the straight-jacket sense and I reject & denounce the word! Sorry Mel & Thanks Pamela..

    Continuing those thoughts..
    I think the vetting issue is not true. Now- don’t confuse that with battle tested Hillary is battle tested but there is still a ton of stuff that will be thrown at here. And let’s be honest, Obama has been “tested” to. Maybe not to the same degree, but he has proven he can handle the fire, respond in kind and rise above.

    Now let’s more to the “it’s Bill, Not Hillary” thing. Pamela- put on your non-Hillary hat for a moment (OK-I know you don’t have one, so go find a hat such as that and pretend for a few minutes..).
    from a non-Hillary voter perspective, most don’t separate Bill & Hillary. Hillary does bring up her White House days on a regular basis and, good or bad, they are tough to separate. Plus- if it’s brought up (like the pardons) Hillary is in the awkward position of having to say her husband was wrong. Tricky ground for her and Democrats in general.

    And- most of those who were pardoned have supported Hillary. People will want to know what they are “buying” for thier support. Like I said, think like a undecided for a second.

    Anyways..I think a real cool “blog” would be “Did Bill ruin it (or hurt her chances) for Hillary?” I don’t want to start that one but I’d say he did.

  11. Steve

    Running out the door, but some where on the DD I noted a while ago that Bill Clinton has a very high approval rate among Dems – regardless of all the anti-Clinton rhetoric during this election cycle, he is well respected among Dems.

  12. Thinking of all of the Presidential terms since the election of Nixon in 68′, one would have to be a pretty hard core Republican to not agree that Bill Clinton, warts and all, was far and away the best modern President. Actually, the only one good enough to be called a true President.