Keep It Coming!

$35 million! Todd Beeton notes on MYDD: It’s an “impressive feat for a campaign that’s, let’s see, in disarray and, oh yeah, whose donors had maxed out, etc”… Indeed it’s a “reality check” for “anybody hoping that the Clinton campaign will soon go gently into the night.” 

Keep It Coming!

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2 Responses to Keep It Coming!

  1. bjerryberg says:

    Hang in there folks–you ain’t seen nothing yet!

    A majority of Dems who have voted in this year’s primaries voted for Sen. Clinton. In Dem primaries and caucuses where Republicans are allowed to vote the untested Sen Obama has a long string of victories. Hmm.

    The psychological warfare assault against Sen Clinton and her supporters by the MSM is truly remarkable. It reminds me of when Ken Starr and Joe Lieberman teamed up to fulminate against Bill Clinton–and demanded his immediate resignation a decade ago. That one was not about what the MSM said it was about, either.

    What happens to Sen Obama when Bloomberg-backers on Wall St. and their MSM retainers no longer need him, and discover OMG–corruption in Chicago?

  2. Let’s go back to the idea of an Obama/Bloomberg ticket. On the plus side there have to be worse running mates than Mike “Deep pockets” Bloomberg. On the minus side, how does Obama stay awake for eight years so that he can keep an eye on Bloomberg the whole time?