Live From New York… It’s Hillary Clinton (UPDATED with VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton took a mysterious side trip from the campaign trail today and where she disappeared to ha now been revealed: “She is on her way to Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center, where she will appear tonight on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” (Her campaign advisers cannot confirm whether their assurances that her disappearance was “nothing … Continue reading

Won’t Get Fooled Again

This song by The Who is not just the theme song for the television series “CSI”; or one of the greatest songs in music history. This song is the anthem of the 2008 Presidential Race. The chorus of “Won’t Get Fooled Again” goes as follows: “I’ll tip my hat to … Continue reading

Who wants this kind of health care?

There is a “universal health care” proposal being looked at in the Senate right now that is being sponsored by a bi-partisan coalition that includes Bennett (UT), Wyden (OR), Trent Lott and Lamar Alexander from Rep. leadership, Grassley (IA), Gregg (NH), Stabenow (MI), and Crapo (ID). What I know about … Continue reading