Live From New York… It’s Hillary Clinton (UPDATED with VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton took a mysterious side trip from the campaign trail today and where she disappeared to ha now been revealed: “She is on her way to Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center, where she will appear tonight on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” (Her campaign advisers cannot confirm whether their assurances that her disappearance was “nothing bad” will extend to her one-liners.)”

Clinton has treated the comedy show as her best friend in the media of late, with aides pointing approvingly to a Tina Fey commentary on “SNL” last week and then Clinton herself quoting an “SNL” skit in a recent debate. She returns to the campaign Sunday.

If you’re on the West Coast it’s not too late to tune in and watch Hillary on “Saturday Night Live.”

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UPDATE: Here’s a clip of video from last night SNL with Hillary Clinton:

And the HuffPo offers a rough transcript:

Saturday Night Live opened tonight with a fake presidential debate hosted by mock Brian Williams and Tim Russert. Williams and Russert were bored by healthcare and were overly nice to Obama, while Amy Poehler, as Hillary Clinton, played mildly indignant. After the debate, instead of the opening credits, there was an “Editorial Response.” The real Senator Clinton, seated at a desk and wearing the same brown tweed as Poehler’s Clinton, said how she loved the skit and was happy to be back in New York, if only for a few hours. Then Amy Poehler, still in character as the senator, joined Clinton at the desk. They chatted, during which time Clinton asked Poehler if she really laughed like Poehler’s Clinton and asked for her earrings back. The New York Senator then said, “Live from New York it’s Saturday night!”

Patrick Healy has more on the N.Y. Times blog, The Caucus. Rudy Giuliani was also on the show.

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