What Does Universal Healthcare Mean?

A Canadian Physician’s Experience of the Current Healthcare System in America I am near the end of another busy shift in a major Canadian emergency department. The nurse in charge asks me to see two women in the minor care area – a daughter and her elderly mother. Both of them are in tears and pale with fear. I go into the room that they are in and immediately observe the elderly mother is holding her acutely swollen wrist. I am not surprised that she is crying; however, her daughter’s tears take me aback. The first words out of her daughter’s mouth are that they are American and do not have insurance. They were visiting our city and her mother … Continue reading

A Sea Change?

During the last debate, Hillary mentioned the “Sea Change” that would occur with a woman president. She didn’t elaborate . . . not wanting to ignite the political gender hot potato . . . but she did talk of a change in everything from the people who are selected for leadership to little girls knowing they could one day become president. She left it at that. I see another Sea Change. The Big Mo has stopped. Have you noticed? Now it’s two candidates in a dead heat in four states. Now it’s Hillary Clinton with a budget large enough to match her opponent dollar for dollar in the high stakes media of television ads. In February alone, Hillary’s campaign raised … Continue reading

At This Point, “Double Standard” Is Ridiculous Understatement

The Web’s most popular liberal forum is on fire because of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s 60 Minutes interview about the rumor that Sen. Obama is a Muslim. Obama was careful to say, when it was his turn, that the rumor is offensive to Muslims because of its presumption. Clinton said she “takes him (Obama) at his word” that he is not a Muslim. Members of the aforementioned forum are practically breathing fire over the fact that Clinton did not denounce the question. She should have denounced it, yes, but I bring us back to square one: Where, oh where, is the outrage among these “liberals” every time unbelievably ugly bigotry is spewed at Clinton, and Obama never says one word. He … Continue reading

Registering Workers!

My idea of the right way of practicing bipartisan politics is for the left to come up with proposals that the right hates, but will hate voting against more than they hate the bill that they’re forced to support. Here is a proposal that seems to me to have some merit on several levels, and that the left will love, while we enjoy watching the right forced to go along. Businesses don’t like being under threat of invasion by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), and would love to have a system that would not only allow them to escape penalties for non-compliance, but would actually create a system and a status that would remove the need to even be concerned … Continue reading

NAFTA Questions for Obama

Taylor Marsh notes today that Union officials in Ohio has some questions for Barack Obama in the wake of the CTV story about Obama and NAFTA. Taylor says, “Evidently, the CTV story out of Canada, especially the part where they name a top Obama aide, has some union officials wanting answers from Senator Obama.”   Taylor received the following letter “late afternoon Saturday from a good source in Ohio” and she notes that “Mark Halperin has also posted on it”:

Barack The Uniter’s Thin Record and His Cabinet Plans

Barack Obama has made plenty of claims about being the great “uniter” but his record on working across the aisle is relatively “thin“. We know that “Hillary Clinton has been trying to make a point about Barack Obama that deserves one last careful look before Tuesday’s probably decisive Democratic primaries.” David Ignatius clarifies “If Obama truly intends to unite America across party lines and break the Washington logjam, then why has he shown so little interest or aptitude for the hard work of bipartisan government?” This is the real “Where’s the beef?” about Obama, and it still doesn’t have a good answer. He gives a great speech, and he promises that he can heal the terrible partisan divisions that have enfeebled American … Continue reading

Hillary’s Green Agenda

As the sound-bites and gotchas from the earliest presidential debates have been repeated over and over by the media in this election cycle, many critical and complex topics have gotten at best cursory treatment. One such topic is the environment: the crises we’re facing, the accomplishments of the candidates, and the plans that they have put forward on issues like green energy, global warming, pollution, and wildlife conservation. Hillary’s agenda Hillary Clinton has stressed repeatedly, and in detail, a vision for green energy and a new green economy. She has championed this approach in the senate with a Strategic Energy Fund proposal. As a part of her presidential campaign she released early-on an ambitious green energy plan that would create … Continue reading