A Sea Change?

During the last debate, Hillary mentioned the “Sea Change” that would occur with a woman president. She didn’t elaborate . . . not wanting to ignite the political gender hot potato . . . but she did talk of a change in everything from the people who are selected for leadership to little girls knowing they could one day become president. She left it at that.

I see another Sea Change. The Big Mo has stopped. Have you noticed? Now it’s two candidates in a dead heat in four states. Now it’s Hillary Clinton with a budget large enough to match her opponent dollar for dollar in the high stakes media of television ads. In February alone, Hillary’s campaign raised $35 MILLION DOLLARS in small donations from every corner of the country. When the media said she was dead in the water, the money came pouring in as proof that her support was getting even stronger. Once Hillary reached out, people grabbed her hands and said “Sure, we’ll do everything we can.”

Now instead of one ad for every four from Obama (as in Wisconsin), Hillary’s campaign is holding it’s own. Instead of wearing out from sheer exhaustion, Hillary looks energized. Instead of large mega events speaking from on high, Hillary holds town meetings where people ask questions; she is visiting every county in Ohio by bus. People “hug” Hillary. They see her as a woman of the people.

I have been on the phones to Texas for Hillary this weekend. Perhaps I’ve been phoning districts that have already been screened several times. All I know is that when people answered my call, they wanted to talk. They wanted to tell me that they had voted early for Hillary and that they planned to attend the caucus . . . or they had questions about the caucus and wanted to be sure they were fully supporting Hillary. Many did not know about the two-tiered voting system so they listened attentively. People were excited about voting and worried about whether Hillary would have enough support to “make it.” I only talked with three Obama supporters and several Republicans. I reached very few answering machines.

My experience is not unique. Others have had similar results. We are phoning and we are connecting with people who feel as we do . . . that it is time for a change and that change is Hillary.

Is it a Sea Change? Too soon to tell, but I feel it in my bones. This tough lady is not finished yet.

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