At This Point, “Double Standard” Is Ridiculous Understatement

The Web’s most popular liberal forum is on fire because of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s 60 Minutes interview about the rumor that Sen. Obama is a Muslim. Obama was careful to say, when it was his turn, that the rumor is offensive to Muslims because of its presumption. Clinton said she “takes him (Obama) at his word” that he is not a Muslim. Members of the aforementioned forum are practically breathing fire over the fact that Clinton did not denounce the question.

She should have denounced it, yes, but I bring us back to square one: Where, oh where, is the outrage among these “liberals” every time unbelievably ugly bigotry is spewed at Clinton, and Obama never says one word. He has yet to denounce the misogyny, and has, in fact, participated in the sexism.

Why is Clinton the anti-Christ for not condemning the Muslim question, but it is perfectly acceptable for Obama to remain totally silent while Clinton is the object of one of the  most vicious campaigns of bigotry we have seen in a while?

If supposed liberals do not care that bigotry has been at the heart of their own campaign against Clinton, how are they any different from the right wing?

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2 Responses to At This Point, “Double Standard” Is Ridiculous Understatement

  1. coldH2Owi says:

    & what would that bigotry be? I would like a bit a back up regarding that. Plus, on my dead mother’s grave, two wrongs don’t make a right or exonerate either candidate. Frankly, I was real ambivalent concerning Sen. Clinton’s candidacy. Do I really want more “centrist” rule? & please, remember that she voted for Bu$hCo’s war, you just cannot parse that away. She also voted with Lieberman on his moronic bill concerning Iran. Frankly, that makes me wake up a 3 a.m. without the phone ringing. If she’s the nominee, I’ll vote for her, probably, but with no passion, but hoping I won’t get fooled again, like ’92.

  2. Diane Elayne Dees says:

    Misogyny = Bigotry. If you have to ask…