AP Obtains Memo of Obama Aide’s NAFTA Conversation

Taylor Marsh has the scoop tonight on the continuing story about Obama and NAFTA:

There was a reason CTV stood by their story (then re-confirmed it) when I asked them about it last week. You know, when everyone else, including Obama and his team, as well as the traditional media (and the Obama blogs) were ignoring it or saying that there was nothing there. Cable network, blogs and the media blasted headlines that the CTV story had been debunked when it hadn’t at all. The AP now has the evidence. A memo they obtained that proves top Obama adviser Austan Goolsbee did indeed reassure the Canadian government about NAFTA. Of course, Goolsbee is denying their characterization to the AP, with the Obama team holding his hand while he talks to them and tries to walk the story back.

Double talk from the Obama camp…

Taylor adds:

In the end this is really about trust and about Obama saying one thing flat out to reporters, when something else had obviously gone down. Unless he’s going to say that he didn’t know what Goolsbee was doing, which is even worse. Regardless, what you’re left with is double talk. You know, that stuff old time city pols do when no one is looking, while presenting another image in public to people at election time to get their vote. Politics as usual, baby. Hope just left the building. It’s been replaced by bait and switch.

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4 Responses to AP Obtains Memo of Obama Aide’s NAFTA Conversation

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  2. msdmo says:

    Why would CANADA, attempt to interfere with the American electoral process? Has an outside government ever leaked internal documents leveling accusations against a US presidential front-runner?

    This odd un-Canadian-like behavior caused me to pause and look for beneficiaries. It quickly became obvious that the Conservative Party of Canada would probably love to help President Bush extend his Conservative hold on the White House. Hon. Michael Wilson – Canadian Ambassador to the US just may have his fingerprints all over this story, which explains the confidence of CTV when they aired (3x) such an explosive story. This is no doubt why CTV was adamant about the Goolsbee statements being made directly to Ambassador Wilson. I quote “The facts of the story are accurate and CTV National News will be reporting on the story again tonight,” said CTV vice president Wendy Freeman.

    Upon being summoned to the local Canadian consulate office in Chicago, Goolsbee of the Obama camp finds himself in the center of he said he said.

    OHIO here’s a few hard facts to help you make an informed decision.
    The Canadian Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Wilson helped author and negotiate the U.S. – Canada Free Trade Agreement [FTA] of 1988 and the National Free Trade Agreement [NAFTA] of 1994. Since 1979 the Ambassador has been a high ranking member of the Canadian Conservative party, and was nicely rewarded when he was named co-chair of the National Canadian Conservative Party campaign in 2006. http://canadaonline.about.com/od/conservativeparty/p/michaelwilson.htm

  3. Tom says:

    In fact, the Canadian government is assisting mostly Democratic candidates. On the Canadian Taxpayers Federation website it was recently revealed that Canada’s CIDA gave $18 million over four years to International Planned Parenthood, which is spending $10 million to assist pro-choice candidates in the current U.S. election. So Canadian taxpayers’ cash is being used to help mainly Democratic candidates. Both the Canadian media and some in the Obama camp are up in arms over the Canadian Conservative government allegedly helping the Republicans, when in fact it is actually help fund the election of Democrats.

  4. Canada has a trillion and a half barrels of oil in the Athabasca tar sands. I say we quit all of the bickering and and start some merger talks between the two countries. That’s one way to get rid of the Canadian side of NAFTA.