Clinton Doing Better Than Obama Against McCain

Peter Daou, who is Hillary Clinton’s Internet Communications Director and previously worked for the Kerry campaign in ’04 (in the War Room) has post on the HuffPo today that is a must read (and listen). Peter notes in the opening of his post that Hillary is “doing better than Sen. Obama against John McCain — as well as public polls that show Hillary stronger against Sen. McCain in crucial swing states like Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio.” 

Peter goes on to point out that “As Hillary has said, all Democrats (and all Americans) should be proud of the historic campaign Democrats have run this cycle and of our great candidates.”

And he notes the obvious:

But no matter who we support, as Dems we can all agree that winning in November and taking back the White House is our imperative. And one thing is increasingly obvious: winning means defeating John McCain — the likely Republican nominee.
The Democrat who eventually faces Sen. McCain will require a set of skills and experiences that enables them to:

a) compete on a broad playing field;
b) confront and beat back a GOP attack machine waiting to tear them down;
c) put forth and defend core Democratic ideas – and ideals – such as universal health care;
d) build a solid coalition for victory;
e) and importantly, stand toe-to-toe with Sen. McCain on national security.

Hillary excels on each of these fronts. [On the last point, my blogosphere friends know that I spent most of 2004 in the Kerry-Edwards war room and gained some perspective on how national security — an issue Democrats cannot and will not cede — takes center stage in a general election.]

I worked with Peter in ’04 on the Kerry campaign. I was as surprised as most in the progressive blogosphere when he went to work for Hillary Clinton, however, I had come to know Peter as a very clear thinker who cares deeply about our country. Needless to say, I know he has a great deal of respect for HRC and he’s put his heart and soul into the this campaign…

Now before you listen to the audio of the call, I want to add a personal note about Hillary: I joined her team in 2006 and I’ve come to know a person who is brilliant, thoughtful, disciplined, possesses tremendous inner fortitude and courage, and who has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to core Democratic values. In short, someone who is the most qualified person running to be president. Someone I am extremely proud to work for. And someone I trust to make this world a better and safer place for the child my wife and I are expecting.

Now, to the call. Listen to it. It is a series of powerful testimonials from eighteen former admirals, generals, and senior defense officials who support Hillary. They are among nearly 30 general and flag officers who have endorsed Hillary.

Whether or not Hillary is your candidate of choice, consider for a moment what these distinguished men and women are saying and why they are saying it. They are aware of the choices, decisions, votes and experience that Hillary brings to the table. And they have come to the same conclusion, a conclusion reached by millions of voters: that Hillary is the Democrat ready to take back the White House and clean up the mess that George W. Bush has left behind.

P.S. Click here for a few individual transcripts from the call.

I urge readers to take the time to read through Peter’s post, listen to the call and read the transcripts provided.

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9 Responses to Clinton Doing Better Than Obama Against McCain

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  2. bjerryberg says:

    Pamela, do not listen to Mark Penn or his acolytes.

    They are the Bloomberg torpedoes in the Clinton organization. Bloomberg isn’t running officially–of course, not yet,–because young Barack has not been able to bury Sen Clinton.

    At Penn Schoen–Doug Schoen, is the boss, and he organized Unity ’08 as a ‘bring us together to bailout the financial sharks’ marketing gimmick for billionaire Bloomberg’s candidacy. As all intelligence professionals know Sen. Obama’s candidacy is a wholly owned subsidiary of that element–soon to be buried under a mountain of Rezko, Ayers, etc., etc.

    It is all about wrecking the parties and bailing out the corrupt, mismanaged financial institutions like Mussolini tried in the 1922-43.

    It is not a winning strategy for Democrats in 2008, needless to say.

  3. bjerryberg

    I’m trying to listen to as few as possible these days since I have more pressing matters to take care of late. I’m counting on you to fill us in on the Rezko news of the day. 😉

  4. PanMetron says:

    Ohter polls suggest the notion that Obama will have a tougher time against McCain. For example there’s a recent poll showing McCain beats Obama in blue state New Jersey, where Clinton beats McCain by 9 points. Similarly, McCain and Obama are statistically tied in the most recent SUSA poll in Massachussetts (! – even with Kerry and Kennedy factored in!) while Clinton beats McCain there.

    Obama’s aura is deflating. Some of the polls above show his negatives are now higher than both Hillary and McCain in states as diverse as New Jersey and Texas. I do not believe he will win against McCain. Two articles in the NYT agreed today: see my links of the day post at Pan Metron.

  5. coldH2Owi says:

    First of all, peace, but why is she saying things like this?

    “I think that I have a lifetime of experience that I will bring to the White House. I know Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience to the White House. And Senator Obama has a speech he gave in 2002,” Clinton says.

  6. alrudder says:

    All, the analysis of who is stronger against McCain is very deep.
    1. McCain is more appealing to most than GWB, but some of his base will stay home. His age will be a factor, and thus his running mate will be scrutinized as the heir apparent in the GOP.
    2. For us, our base has grown as theirs has shrunk. Hillary may be more competitive with working-class whites in the Rust Belt, but Obama may be more competitive with suburban whites in other swing states.
    3. We have to put ourselves into an unknown context 8 months from now when we’ll know the running mates, and other stories like Iraq are in the news, and the economy will have devastated more families.

    Right now I think people are rightfully not thinking “which candidate will make the best case to which demographic”, but instead, they are just making a person decision on the character and capability of these candidates. The Primary System finally worked this year, and I think both parties will nominate the “best” candidate.

  7. IP Freely says:

    There is little/no data to suggest Hillary would do better against McCain than Obama. (Nice try though.)

    The only overarching data is that 50% of americans polled suggested they flat outright would NOT vote for Hillary…I’d like ot know how we get around that one?

    Nice try

  8. IP Freely

    The data is here:

    Looking to the general election, John McCain has a slight lead over both Democrats. McCain now leads Obama 47% to 44% and Clinton 47% to 46% (see recent daily results).

    And here.

    Interestingly and sadly, McCain shows an advantage over both Clinton and Obama, but Clinton polls better than Obama against McCain.

  9. bjerryberg says:

    Paul Krugman, who I only occasionally agree with, hit the nail on the head in a {New York Times} column entitled “Deliverance or Diversion?” which reports that many Democrats “are appalled by the direction their party seems to have taken:

    They wanted another FDR, yet felt that they’re getting an oratorically upgraded version of Michael Bloomberg instead.”

    Krugman writes that Obama would be “Dukakisized” in the general election.

    Incidentally, is IP Freely reading only Zogby’s polling data which has consistently been slanted by 10-22% in Obama’s favor.