Clinton’s Lead Widens in Ohio

One the eve of primary day in Ohio and Texas, some polls show Hillary Clinton’s lead is widening in Ohio, while Zogby says it’s too close to call.

Raw Story reports on the poll showing Clinton leading in Ohio:  

Heading into an Ohio primary that has the potential to revive her presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton is holding onto a solid lead in the Buckeye state, according to a new poll of likely primary voters there.

Clinton receives support from 51 percent of probable Ohio Democratic primary voters while Barack Obama has the support of 42 percent of the same group, according to a new Ohio Poll released Monday (.pdf). The poll, conducted between Feb. 28 and March 2, shows Clinton increasing her support in Ohio since the previous poll a week ago, which showed her leading Obama 47-39.

Stay tuned… The polls are all over the map and as we’ve seen this primary season, anythng can happen.

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3 Responses to Clinton’s Lead Widens in Ohio

  1. Tomorrow is a critical day in the life of America. Big choices will be made by relatively few people. I hope they look at the long term rather than the emotional high of an anti-Washington campaign.

    If anyone in Ohio and Texas who reads this comment is still undecided or has an open mind please read Dr. Carolyn’s article about the reality of American health care. It is a moving account of the reality the impact of not having health insurance.

    It also gives the reader solid reasoning behind a choice between experience and emotion.

  2. My take on John Kerry was that he would have been excellent in office, but not so much in campaigning. I really see Hillary Clinton much the same way, except that John McCain sure as hell ain’t no incumbent BUSHCO.

    Barack Obama looks like a real gangbuster campaigner, but more of a blank page on performing the duties of The Office. I have a real hard time believing that he has the entire magic formula he claims to have, but you never know.

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