HRC: Making the Invisible….Visible.

This was the first commercial of the Clinton campaign. It was the commercial that put the first crack in my ‘anti-clinton’ wall. After Dr. Carolyn’s article about the miserable state of healthcare in this country I remembered it vividly.

Perhaps the Clinton campaign missed, until now, running with their most powerful theme: saving ‘The Invisible’. This is the commercial that should be running in Texas and Ohio.

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2 Responses to HRC: Making the Invisible….Visible.

  1. bjerryberg says:

    The author is quite right.

    A genuine and passionate invocation of the greatest president of the 20th century–Franklin Roosevelt–who championed the “forgotten man” against the “economic royalists” of the day. He defeated the Depression and Fascism–and that is exactly what a worthy president’s task is today–whether fascism politically takes the form of McCain or Bloomberg or McCain-Bloomberg.

    Interestingly at a recent Texas rally Chelsea Clinton reportedly saw and complimented a supporter with a hand-lettered placard declaring “Hillary–Be Our FDR!”

    Smart young woman that Chelsea…

  2. I like the “invisible” ad even more than I dislike the 3:00 am ad. But looking at the numbers tonight I have to conclude that not everyone shares my tastes.