Obama’s Tangles With Press Over Rezko

Barack Obama tangled with press today over his connection to Tony Rezko and the fact that Obama has consistently avoided answering questions on the issue. Here’s the prelude:

NBC reports:

Led by the Chicago press corps that has covered Obama for years, the candidate today faced a barrage of questions in what turned out to be a contentious news conference. […]

Much of the back and forth, though, between reporters and Obama was about his relationship with Tony Rezko, with reporters demanding to know why new details were emerging from the case though Obama and his staff had claimed they had been forthright with all the details. 
Obama and Carol Marin, political editor at NBC5 in Chicago and columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times, tangled over how up front Obama had been about Rezko. Obama cut off her line of questioning, saying that Marin’s questions were personally motivated.
“Carol, can I just say I have to really dispute this,” Obama said. “It is true that you wanted an individual sit down, but I don’t think that’s fair to speak for the entire Chicago press corps because on this — Let me finish,” he interjected as she tried to interrupt.

“Before you were reporting on these issues I had an avail,” Obama said, pointing to members of the Chicago press corps who were present, “where I literally stood there and took every question people could think of.”

Convenient response from Obama… Marin wasn’t covering the story “before” so he shouldn’t answer her questions. What is up with that?

Lynn Sweet from the Chicago Sun-Times then jumped in and told Obama that he may have answered questions for the Chicago press, but many other reporters hadn’t had a chance to hear him on the issue.
“I just want to make that point an issue,” Obama said. “You may still have questions, which I’m happy to answer, but I don’t think it’s fair to suggest somehow that we’ve been trying to hide the ball on this. There have been more attacks. There have been several hundred stories written on this issue. The fact of the matter remains unchallenged.”
Obama went on to detail his relationship with Rezko, repeating that the land deal had been a “bone-headed” move. 
“On the other hand, there have been no allegations that I betrayed the public trust,” he argued. “There have been no allegations that I did him any favors.”
A third reporter followed, asking Obama why information about fundraisers or other details had not been answered by the campaign. He raised the issue of how details were emerging in the case, like the fact that Obama and Rezko had toured the property that resulted in the questionable land deal between the two men.
Obama continued to say that reporters’ interest was due to the fact this was “a hot story.”

Obama then “claimed that his campaign would be happy to provide the details, but when asked why the campaign hadn’t been forthcoming,” he backtracked some saying, “What happens is these requests I think can go on forever, and, at some point, we’ve tried to respond to what’s pertinent to the question that’s been raised.”

He added, “There’s no question that he raised money for us, and there’s no dispute that we’ve tried to get rid of that money.”

Finally at the end of the press conference, the question of Obama aide, Goolsbee’s meeting with Canadian officials about NAFTA was raised again.

Obama answered curtly and then walked out after a staffer called last question. The press erupted with shouts, but Obama continued to walk out.
He paused only to say, “Come on guys; I answered like eight questions. We’re running late.”

On the flight from San Antonio to Dallas, Obama, unsurprisingly, did not wander back to make small talk with the traveling press corps.

Tough crowd for Barack Obama, those Chicago press. Obviously, as the video above shows Obama was in no mood to answer the tough questions and he clearly tried to avoid it. Cornered his responses were… testy, terse and left questions once again.  

Lynne Sweet has more here.

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4 Responses to Obama’s Tangles With Press Over Rezko

  1. Turn it around
    Turn it around
    Hillary Clinton
    is WhiteHouse bound.

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  3. bjerryberg says:

    Glad to see the author is reasonably up to speed on the Rezko saga. But wait there’s more!

    The trial is expected to last upwards of 4 months–so if Dems nominate Obama they better get used to this.




  4. Steve Cohn says:

    Since this Rezko stuff will continue to be around. I found an article from when it all first surfaced. From first glance, it appears Obama was on the up & up. The price of the house and the land are explained, and no other dealigns seem to exist. I was curious when I see the $300k discount, but anyoen who has every bought a house knows asking price and actual market value are two VERY different numbers.
    Here’s the link to the artcle- it’s a nice Q&A piece.