Hillary Clinton Wins Key Primaries: Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas

The rumors of and calls for Hillary Clinton’s campaign demise were grossly exaggerated… Hillary Clinton is still very much in this race. And I think it’s time to remind those calling for Hillary to give up the ghost, that they should “never underestimate the power of a woman.” Clinton’s wins came in tonight “in the … Continue reading

Obama General Counsel Crashes Clinton Press Call On Voting Irregularities In Texas

Before I get to the primary results tonight, I’m playing catch up on some of the news of primary day. Following up on Stuart’s post earlier today that the Obama campaign was reprimanded for “dirty tricks” in Ohio today, 2008Central.net reported earlier that “the Clinton Campaign held an urgent press … Continue reading

McCain Is The Presumptive GOP Nominee

It’s official — John McCain is the presumptive GOP nominee. McCain, a one-time party rebel whose campaign appeared doomed only seven months ago, became the Republican nominee for president on Tuesday night as he won sweeping victories in Ohio, Texas, Vermont and Rhode Island and as his dogged but lagging competitor, … Continue reading

Just Desserts for the Biased Press

Just when I thought this election season was the wackiest and ugliest I had seen in some time, the Clinton campaign provided the laugh of the day… and it was on the press. Via the L.A. Times blog Top Of The Ticket: Hillary Clinton puts the media in its place … Continue reading

Whatever Happened to Letting the People Decide

Jonathan Alter’s latest “Hillary is finished” piece is part and parcel of what is wrong with elections in this country. How about we let the people decide, Mr. Alter. You can count delegates until you are blue in the face, but this race shouldn’t be decided by pundits putting pressure … Continue reading

Today’s Primaries: Important and Controversial

In the reporting of results tonight we will, again, witness history. The momentum we’ve seen building in the last few days of the Clinton campaign may take HRC and her campaign to a new level. Or not. NPR showcases her determination to continue the campaign. Even polling shows the public … Continue reading

Obama Campaign Reprimanded For Dirty Tricks…Repeatedly

The long anticipated story of the highly organized stacking of the caucus states and illegal efforts in Ohio and Texas has been brought to light, with many links into deeper reporting, by Taylor Marsh. It is a brilliant piece of fact gathering and linking. I have assumed all along that … Continue reading

Primary Day… Clinton Takes Lead in Texas

The latest and final Zogby Poll for Texas and Ohio shows Hillary Clinton regaining the lead in Texas: Texas – Democrats 3-1/3 2-29/3-2 2-28/3-1 2-27/29 2-26/28 Clinton 47% 44% 43% 43% 42% Obama 44% 47% 47% 45% 48% Zogby notes that on the strength of “strong campaigning in Ohio and Texas, Democrat … Continue reading