Hillary Clinton Wins Key Primaries: Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas

The rumors of and calls for Hillary Clinton’s campaign demise were grossly exaggerated…

Hillary Clinton is still very much in this race. And I think it’s time to remind those calling for Hillary to give up the ghost, that they should “never underestimate the power of a woman.”

Clinton’s wins came in tonight “in the Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island primaries.”

For everyone here in Ohio and across America who’s been ever been counted out but refused to be knocked out, for everyone who has stumbled but stood right back up, and for everyone who works hard and never gives up — this one is for you,” Clinton said before supporters in Columbus.

“You know what they say,” she said. “As Ohio goes, so goes the nation. Well, this nation’s coming back and so is this campaign.”

Here’s Hillary’s victory speech from Ohio:

YES SHE CAN! Hillary’s got Momentum! Keep it going.

It’s “An Incredible Feeling.” MSNBC notes:

The Ohio exit polls showed that Obama did not do as well as he had in recent contests in eroding her support from those groups, especially among white, blue-collar and older voters. Clinton also did a bit better among Ohio voters who chose their candidate in recent days, suggesting that she may have benefited from her aggressive attacks on what she called Obama’s lack of seasoning.

Patrick Healy notes in the N.Y. Times, “the results on Tuesday also bring fresh questions about his electability in crucial swing states like Ohio that Democrats are eager to carry in the November election.”

The nomination is not determined by the number of states won, but Mr. Obama’s inability to win major battleground states beyond Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and his home state, Illinois, is a concern of some Democrats — especially since Ohio and Florida have become must-wins in presidential elections.

What’s next? A “long, puzzling hiatus.” Stay tuned

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12 Responses to Hillary Clinton Wins Key Primaries: Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas

  1. alrudder says:

    Clinton is trying to spin this as she wins swing states of the Bush era OH, FL, MI. Obama has to make the case that he can win states that are turning blue. Obama seems to be a bit ahead of his time as the new Democratic majority emerges.

    As for FL and MI, Howard Dean needs to stage a contest. It will be good for party building.
    Vamos a Puerto Rico, 7 de Junio.

  2. Alrudder

    Clinton has also won some solid blue states like MA, CA and NY. And NH of course turned blue with Kerry in ’04.

    It appears that Obama’s cut into Clinton’s base failed him tonight.

  3. Thanks for opening this article with the exact quote I was going to reach for this morning. You talk about hope? That quote says it all for any one of us who has faced hard times.

    We need a president you can fight their way back no matter the situation.

    Well Done.

  4. Pamela: I, of course, believed that there was no chance of this outcome. You, of course, saw the matter clearly.

    Where, do you mind my asking, do you see things going from here?

  5. Darrell

    I was not at all certain she would pull it off – I had an inkling, but this race has been so unpredictable.

    I haven’t had a chance to post more yet today but Hillary is back up in the national polls with a lead over Obama. I think this is in a long run a good thing.

    4 years ago Super Tuesday was in early March. It was until Super Tuesday that we truly saw that JK would be the nominee. The primary system is front loaded. We had a lot of crying from folks 4 years that people didn’t get a chance to vote for their candidate once Kerry took the lead and it looked as though it was a done deal. And now here we are again with an even more front loaded season and the Obama camp wants this to be a done deal for him. Well it’s not. It’s no where close to a done deal like it was for JK.

    There’s a lot of questions Obama should be answering and clearly Clinton’s support base is out there. This needs to play out at this point. I still think McCain will be tough to beat and Hillary has a better chance of doing that.

    Back to work…

  6. Sarah says:

    Way to go Hillary!!! By winning Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island Hillary proved that she has what it takes to win! Ohio is a must win swing state, just like Florida, and Hillary won both of them! She is the one that can win come November and the one that is best suited to lead our nation!

  7. Percy says:

    Congrats to Hillary and all of her supporters! Well done! This says so much about electability. Obama just doesn’t have it . He can not out shine Hillary in the states that matter …. and he will surely not fair well against McCain!

    SuperDelegates will have to support Hillary when all is said and done.

  8. firby20 says:

    I to am thrilled that Hillary Clinton is still in the race. My plan is to give her the chance she deserves. I really believe she can help the lower to middle class people in the world and start charging big companys to pay more taxes. ( like Exxon )

  9. Pamela says:

    Pamela Leavey,

    Hi! My name is Pamela also.

    What do you believe the Superdelegates will do? Do you believe they see what we see……Obama no really electable.

    So far they have been ignoring the electability issue and heading towards Obama.

    Good job Hillary!

  10. Lee T. Doria says:

    Hillary, winning in Blue States, is a sign of victory for Democratic party. I pray that the delegates/superdelegates will use their minds and brains rather than selling their votes for Obama. That’s not democracy. I trust these delegates will use their utmost judgments for the sake of this country and the Americans.

  11. skm says:

    Worth watching: Record of accomplishments – summarized by Katie Couric of CBS (2/29 Barack and 3/1 Hillary):

    Hillary Rodham Clinton: (CBS posting)
    Barack Obama: (CBS posting)

    Interesting recent articles:
    3/1/08 article: Obama the Screamer.

    Obama Kept Contributions From Accused Fixer’s Wife And Others

    Wall St. Jnl – today’s (3/5) article

  12. KIendall Johnson says:

    Obama cannot and will not win the general election. If he can’t win Ohio or Florida, the dems better think twice about making him the nominee. He can’t win big states and what was clearly shocking is that he couldn’t even carry Texas with a huge republican cross-over vote that was directed and orchastated against Clinton. I read that as much as 10% of those voting in the democratic Texas primary were rebublicans and almost all of them voted for Obama. I also read that many of the right wing radio pundits were sending republicans to vote against Clinton. Instructional flyers were even sent out to them. Copies of them were all over on the blogs. These same voters will not be there for Obama in the fall, as loser John Karry suggests, and Clinton beat him in Texas anyway. He is clearly the weaker candidate for the general election.

    The only reasons he’s ahead at all is because, Florida and Michigan have been disefranchised, the republicans have supported him with money and votes in an effort to knock Clinton out, and the nagative and misogynistic media coverage of Clinton has been overwhelming. Not to mention that the media has had a love affaire with Obama and refuses to vet him in any fashion. Clinton has been running against the republicans, the media and against Obama at the same time, and he still can’t knock her out, even with twice as much money.

    Apperently, she’s a street fighter who won’t give up. This is what we need in November!!!!! Like Kelly Pavlick, who got up off the mat bloody faced and all, and moved forward to knock Jermaine Taylor out in the 7th round, Clinton sorjourns on toward victory with the true grit and heart of a champian. Without a doubt, she is the fighter we need to send to the general election in November!!!!!