McCain Is The Presumptive GOP Nominee

It’s official — John McCain is the presumptive GOP nominee.

McCain, a one-time party rebel whose campaign appeared doomed only seven months ago, became the Republican nominee for president on Tuesday night as he won sweeping victories in Ohio, Texas, Vermont and Rhode Island and as his dogged but lagging competitor, former Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas, dropped out of the race.

McCain will travel to Washington, D.C. tomorrow for “lunch with President Bush and then a formal endorsement in the Rose Garden.” In his speech tonight, McCain made it clear he will push the national security  and foreign policy issues as the new GOP standard bearer.

The contest begins tonight,” the former Navy fighter pilot and prisoner of war in Vietnam said, looking ahead to a match-up with either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton in the Nov. 4 General Election. Both the remaining Democratic candidates called McCain and offered their congratulations, their campaigns said.

Watch McCain’s speech here to get an idea of what our nominee will be up against:

I think McCain will have broad support from the Republicans and many moderates who still don’t get that a John McCain presidency is an extension of BushCo. His message of being the most experienced candidate will sway many independents who feel that experience is an integral part of being president.

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