Today’s Primaries: Important and Controversial

In the reporting of results tonight we will, again, witness history. The momentum we’ve seen building in the last few days of the Clinton campaign may take HRC and her campaign to a new level. Or not.

NPR showcases her determination to continue the campaign. Even polling shows the public coming to the same conclusion.

It is a controversial night to say the least. Witness the late breaking news of alleged Obama illegal campaign tactics. There are also real time reports of polling place problems in both Ohio and Texas. Will this impact the undecided vote? Will reported irregularities cause voting patterns to change?

MSNBC begins coverage at 3PM Pacific.

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2 Responses to Today’s Primaries: Important and Controversial

  1. William says:

    Usually the Clintons like to run a dirty campaign, and I’ve been waiting to hear something near the crucial closings of the primaries; that was against Obama. Maybe a Clinton scandal. hhmm I dont know, Perhaps thats something that could be checked into. I think it’s a setup.

  2. bjerryberg says:

    I know Chicago politics. I am confident Obama’s Axelrod can out-dirty any one in the Clinton campaign.

    Obama has too many Chicago skeletons waiting in his closet to ever be elected president–which explains his popularity in the ‘Get Clinton’ segment of the media.

    HRC stays in.

    That is the best chance we have of electing a Democratic president and not something fascistic and ugly like Bloomberg-McCain.