HRC: Last Night Victories And An Image From Yesteryear

Last night’s results created a momentum that Senator Clinton could use very effectively. This image from WWII seemed a reasonable way to set off on the next 7 weeks to Pennsylvania.

After the allegations detailed in Pam’s article and the outrageous conference call hijacking, if the Clinton campaign can stay on track and keep Obama’s feet to the fire, the next few weeks will be fascinating.

I hope Wyoming’s caucus officials have paid attention to last night debacle and are taking extra precautions against the caucus ‘packing’ and other irregularities that were seen in Texas.

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3 Responses to HRC: Last Night Victories And An Image From Yesteryear

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  2. Congratulations Hillary! we are very, very proud of you. Our family loves you and stand behind you all the way. Our nations needs your leadership.
    Lupe Anguiano
    Oxnard, CA

  3. The “Superdelegate” issue is now becoming particularly interesting. Maybe even a test of how democratic The Democratic Party wants to be. At the point when Obama had the lead in both delegates and total votes he had a very strong argument for receiving the support of the Party structure. Now, however, Clinton is ahead in the vote total, and Obama only leads in delegates.

    The Obama argument that I have heard after Tuesday is that the one with the most total delegates gets the nomination, so the one with the most pledged delegates is entitled to receive Supredelegate support. The logic of that seems less than persusaive to me.

    I think that the individual is deserving of the greatest amount of respect in a free and democratic society. To feel otherwise, it seems to me, is to be on the side of The Republic Party. Yes, the final totals are not in yet. However, isn’t it time for a general rule to announced, one that says that every vote is equal to every other?