How Clinton Won in Ohio

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a piece that gives more details on how Hillary Clinton won Ohio by targeting voters in rural Ohio:

It came down to places like “The Little Smokies,” the hilly region where the Scioto and Ohio rivers meet, more than 200 miles south of Cleveland.

There, 81 percent of Scioto County’s Democratic voters, nearly all white, stood with Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose campaign was reborn Tuesday after beating rival Barack Obama, 54 percent to 44 percent in Ohio.

Voters in The Little Smokies figured big. The county produced a nearly 10,000-vote margin for Clinton – equal to Obama’s margin of victory in the more populous urban Montgomery County, which includes Dayton.

In a nutshell, Clinton “overwhelmingly attracted white voters, women, older voters, rural voters and union members” and she cut into Obama’s growing base of the white male vote. Helping her campaign’s effort on the ground were Gov. Ted Strickland, who was elected by a “landslide” in ’06 and Bill Clinton “whose roots in Arkansas made him popular among Ohio’s rural voters.”

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3 Responses to How Clinton Won in Ohio

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  2. john stone says:

    Whoever our nominee is I will support them strongly! I watched Bush do his little dance in front of the White House as he waited for McCain,” The Maverick,The Moderate, the driver of the Straight Talk Express” Either one of our Democratic Candidates would be a great improvent over Bush and Bush Lite McCain!
    I still can’t believe Bush is President when we could have had Al Gore or John Kerry! Bush is a total embarrasment every time he appears anywhere!

  3. john stone: One thing I’ve noticed is that GWB has been pretty sheltered since taking office. He just don’t get out as much as those before him. It seems like you’re not the only one who has noticed his ability to be embarassing.