Democrat Wins Seat Once Held by G.O.P. Speaker

Move over GOP House Members… “Stunning many who considered the district west of Chicago reliably Republican territory, Bill Foster, a physicist and Democrat, won a special election on Saturday to fill the Congressional seat that J. Dennis Hastert, the former speaker of the House, held for two decades.” Mr. Foster’s … Continue reading

International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day. I’m just winding down from taking the day for myself and spending a few hours enjoying the sun at the beach today.  I’d be remiss in not recognizing the day however, and pointing readers towards Hillary’s Statement on International Women’s Day. This election season has sadly shown … Continue reading

Is There a Downside to the Obama Campaign Strategy?

The WaPo takes a look at the possible downside to the Obama campaign strategy today of winning in small states but racking up losses, yes losses, in the bigger states like Ohio, Texas, New Jersey, New York and California. In a nutshell: “Losses in Big States Spur General-Election Fears.” Among the … Continue reading

Facilitator, Protestor, or Resistor?

Other folks active on this site were also active during the Vietnam War era, and can correct me if they feel that I am unfairly characterizing what I’m trying apply from that experience to today’s situation. Anyway, I’m writing because I feel that the content of the debate with respect … Continue reading

Kerry & McCain: Who’s Zooming Who?

You know what was funny about John MyFriend’s latest meltdown yesterday on the plane with reporters? Not that he lost his temper, as much as what he was saying was a fabrication. NEW ORLEANS — Senator John McCain fielded a question at a public forum on Friday morning in Atlanta … Continue reading

Late Night & Weekend Reads

Here’s a few recommended late night and weekend reads: Jerome Armstrong on MYDD: Follies in the blogosphere. Matt Stoller on Open Left: The 2008 Tone Comes from the Top. Redstar: Raise your hand if you’ve ever been picked last in gym. Riverdaughter: The Keystone State. Eriposte on The Left Coaster: Sen. … Continue reading