Kerry & McCain: Who’s Zooming Who?

You know what was funny about John MyFriend’s latest meltdown yesterday on the plane with reporters? Not that he lost his temper, as much as what he was saying was a fabrication.

NEW ORLEANS — Senator John McCain fielded a question at a public forum on Friday morning in Atlanta that he said he had never been asked before. Because Senator John Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts, had approached him about being his running mate for the White House in 2004, would Mr. McCain now return the favor?

Mr. McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, who has long been distrusted by conservatives as a Democratic sympathizer, quickly said no he would not — and just as quickly said he had never considered sharing the ticket with Mr. Kerry, a friend.

Er, that should be “my friend.” But watch for yourself and then let me tell you why McCain was really so angry.

Actually, what “everyone in America” seems to have forgotten is that Kerry only asked MyFriend about his interest in being his running mate after McCain first floated the idea to the Kerry camp about becoming his running mate. From my post two years ago:

And this bombshell revelation yesterday from James Boyce (via HuffPo, via Democratic Daily) that “John McCain’s advisers thrust him in the middle of the John Kerry Vice Presidential selection process [in 2004] – the McCain as VP rumors started not in the Kerry camp but in the McCain camp.”

Why? The possibility of McCain running as John Kerry’s Vice President forced Rove to deal with McCain. Because with the pending launch of the Swift Boat veterans teed up, Rove simply couldn’t let Kerry pick McCain. Two veterans, running together, unifying the country in a time of war would have been virtually unbeatable. Would McCain have really switched and joined Kerry? The White House couldn’t afford to wait to find out. Was a true deal struck? Was McCain promised the power of running as an incumbent Vice President in 2008?”

It was McCain who floated the idea that Kerry was interested in him, not the Kerry camp, so that he could extract leverage from Bush for ’08?

In a word, yes. No wonder MyFriend blew a gasket yesterday when the topic came up.

Did you think we were gonna forget, Johnny Mac, that you floated the idea to Kerry first in order get Bush’s goad?

That, MY FRIENDS, is what we call “selective amnesia.”

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One Response to Kerry & McCain: Who’s Zooming Who?

  1. But even then, what in the hell was JK thinking? The absolute best thing that can be said about McCain is that in a party populated by some truly reprehensible people, McCain is at least able to go out in public most of the time without making a complete fool of himself. Hardly the highest recommendation for a Vice President. (And also the reason why he’s going to get beaten so bad that it’s going to be embarassing.)