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My post below on black voter turn out and Barack Obama busted one myth in this year’s primary elections, now we have another myth buster. It answers the question of whether Barack Obama’s candidacy is “really building a movement for the Democratic Party”.

Big Tent Democrat notes:

In the Texas primary, the Dallas Morning News found:

Backers of both Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton turned out with passionate support for their candidate in last week’s Texas primary. But once they got in the voting booth, they did something different. Obama supporters were more likely to vote in the presidential race and then skip the other contests than Clinton supporters, who tended to continue voting down the ballot, a Dallas Morning News analysis finds.
[T]he numbers suggest that many Obama voters were drawn singularly to him and might not return in the fall if he’s not the nominee – blunting the flood of new voters who Democrats hope will help revive the party in Texas and sweep it into the White House.

(Emphasis supplied.) There is a reason for this. Obama’s campaign is not affirmatively pro-Democratic or even anti-Republican.

If Obama voters in the primaries are not voting down ticket, but Clinton voters are, in my opinion that shows that Clinton is the one building the coalition to win in November — a coalition that is centered around not just the White House but other key races as well.

The Dallas Morning News piece goes back to the significance of the women voters:

We will have more women voters to the polls if Hillary is the nominee,” Mr. Mauro said. “There is a whole body of political science knowledge that when you have a disproportionate number of women vote, that’s when Democrats win.”

Remember that key phrase: “There is a whole body of political science knowledge that when you have a disproportionate number of women vote, that’s when Democrats win.”

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5 Responses to More Myth Busting

  1. CognitiveDissonance says:

    Now if we can just get that news out to every Super Delegate, maybe we’ll be in business. 🙂

  2. proseandpromise says:

    This cuts the other way. I think things in IL-14 would probably suggest that Obama has some serious coattails. I think ignoring that in an article such as this is spin (something Big Tent Democrat deals in heavily).

  3. proseandpromise

    Spin works both ways, FYI – Obama supporters have been know to lay it on rather thick for him.

  4. proseandpromise says:

    No dispute from me on that one, but “Hey, they do it too!” doesn’t excuse it here. Let’s be honest, this article doesn’t “debunk” anything. It may provide some evidence to weigh in a discussion about whether Obama or Clinton would be best for down-ticket Dems, but it most certainly does not debunk.

    Honest debate FTW.

  5. proseandpromise

    Thanks for sharing. Let’s be honest, I didn’t use the term debunk. I stated my opinion on the Dallas Morning News piece and Big Tent Democrat’s post. I happen to agree with BTD, sorry, that’s what it is.

    I make no bones here about being a Clinton supporter. I also am entitled to state my own opinion here, being the owner/editor of The Dem Daily. So I guess it does “cut it here.”