Must Read of the Day: Hillary Clinton, 60 Minutes, and the Muslim question

There’s all manner of primary season ugliness in the media and the blogosphere once again today, as JoAnne pointed out below. The Hillary Haters are out enforce — it’s a virtual feeding frenzy, as Kevin Drum notes: …the current attempts to tar Hillary as a racist have gone way, way over … Continue reading

The Red Phone in Black and White

Today’s New York Times contained an Op Ed article by Orlando Patterson, a professor of sociology at Harvard and author of several books on race in America. The article was about the 3 a.m. ad and the Clinton Campaign. I was stunned by this article. It literally took my breath … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

The blogosphere is abuzz about the latest political sex scandal and the new list of sins published by the Vatican. It’s so hard to find a positive, feel good story, these days. But, maybe the following video will help cheer you up: Johnny Loves Georgie Despite all the buzz in … Continue reading