Late Night: The Healer

I don’t about my readers here, but I’ve had it up to the rafters with the hype and the spin and the bitter back and forth going on this election season. Sometimes it’s good to just escape it all. So here’s some healing for you all, from John Lee Hooker … Continue reading

Obama Supporters Cry Wolf on Race Again

Sean Wilentz has written a piece for TNR on the Orlando Patterson OP/ED in the NYT yesterday that JoAnne posted about saying, “I was stunned by this article.” I was stunned too. Wilentz responds to Patterson saying, “Hold On–‘3 A.M.’ Wasn’t Racist,” and in his piece he points out the … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

A lot of wild women in the news, this week. A bigot gets a standing ovation, in Oklahoma. Mary Ann stands in a line-up. And, Madonna gets inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In honor of Madonna, I’m posting my all-time favorite song/video (turn the volume down … Continue reading