Mommy She Hit Me First

I remember thinking in my daily constitutional around my suburban Salt Lake neighborhood today that it’s possible that I’ve never seen the ducks so amorous. I’m assuming that this line of free association was influenced as much by all of the recent sex scandal coverage as by how many ducks I saw mount each other.

And maybe I should have kept better control of my imagination because the next place it went was a comparison between the pending Democratic Primary and interaction on the playground between pre-schoolers. And from there to “Geez, you know, I’m not nearly as concerned about how the fight started as I am about how and when it’s going to end.”

Wouldn’t it be grand to grab the little darlings by the scruff of the neck and say “I understand why you’ve become so self centered, having a primary to win and all, but what about us? What about the three hundred million of us (or at least a very large majority) who are acutely concerned about the death and dieing being sponsored in our name and paid for on our dime (well, really, our progeny, and how far removed is anybodies guess)? When does some true attention get paid to our concerns, fears and shame?”

Does it really matter that a speech was given first, when the record screams out to anyone paying attention that we have a travesty on our hands? Those are real lives being lost needlessly, and genuine body parts being sacrificed as though they mean no more than blades of grass. And the numbers to be included in the core group of conspirators today sharing just exactly the mind set that brought us to this point are legion. I look in vain between OUR camps for an acknowledgement of understanding of the severity of the circumstances giving rise to our despair. And then I cast my gaze upon the camps of the other side and see the lethargy caused by boundless celebration over what their aggression has won them. And then I’m thinking “it must stop now”.

We have, on the Democratic side, two previous war facilitators who would have us believe that they’re now resisters, and about whom legitimate questions persist regarding whether either, or both of them have even graduated to the level of genuine protest.

Please end the speculation. Please start a competition in favor of the sanctity of existing life. Please, please start the process of leading us to a better place TODAY!

I would far prefer a legitimate campaign based on claims of “my plan to bring a timely end to current hostilities is superior to that of my opponent because…”, to that of “hope with me that things will be better soon.” I would far prefer a campaign announcing a true action plan for this moment in history to the attempted blame placing which now monopolizes the debate. In both instances the opposition can’t help but gloat when they survey our disarray.

Squishy promises of hope are wonderful, but do they save lives today? Meticulous policy statements are fantastic unless the amount of blood shed in the interim is unconscionable. We’re in the maze. We’re in the morass. We’re gravely wounded and being offered Band-Aids. If someone has real cures it would seem appropriate to say more about things we can do today to start the remedy, and far less about pie in the sky thinking about the benefit we’ll receive eventually for the support we provide today.

I would love to be able to give my support to a candidate who knows how to fix something, anything, now, rather than an only to someone selling the snake oil of “trust me, once I get your vote (or money or whatever) I’ll be able to go right to work for you.”

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