Stop the Madness

Last night after watching the video of Olbermann’s special comment directed at Hillary Clinton, I watched the video below (released by Fox News) of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who is “a member of Obama’s African American Religious Leadership Committee.” This does not serve the Obama camp well in my opinion.

Some one needs to stop the madness. Instead of railing against “racist” and “sexist” comments from campaign surrogates, we should be talking about how we can heal the divisions in America that run along race and gender lines. We have indeed plunged “into the abyss.”

Talk about the need to disavow and denounce — After watching Olbermann’s special comment last night calling on her to denounce Ferraro, I think it’s time for Olbermann to call on Obama to denounce Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

The WSJ has an editorial today that runs along the lines of what Sean Wilentz has been saying in TNR (see here and here). They as, “Is it just us, or does Barack Obama seem a mite too quick to play the race card when facing criticism from political opponents?”

But for all of Mr. Obama’s soaring rhetoric about the nation’s need for a post-racial politics that “brings the American people together,” his campaign at times has seemed overly sensitive about race. It also seems to want it both ways. Mr. Obama claims that his brand of politics transcends race, but at the same time he’s using race as a shield to shut down important and legitimate arguments. […]

Democrats have repeatedly touted the diversity of their party’s White House hopefuls. And it is true that a Clinton or Obama Presidency would make gender or racial history. Americans of all backgrounds can take satisfaction in watching the country field its first black Presidential candidate with a chance to win. But voters also want their would-be Presidents properly vetted, by the media and by each other. To that end Mr. Obama would do better to focus more on answering his political critics with specifics and less on questioning their motives by crying wolf on race.

PLEASE: Stop the Madness. Egalia nailed it on Tennessee Guerilla Women: “I don’t know how much more any of us can take of the ongoing national nervous breakdown.”

Hillary Clinton took a step in the right direction last night. In the wake of the video above, Barack Obama needs to step up to the plate and the DNC needs to step in and let both candidates know: Enough is enough

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14 Responses to Stop the Madness

  1. Stuart O'Neill says:

    Great article and take on the situation. I hope this get wide play.

  2. alrudder says:

    When it comes to religious people, not representing the campaign, we can’t tie candidates to what they say or to every religious doctrine. Al Gore and Bill Clinton are Southern Baptists, but it’s not fair to suggest they must denounce their religion for things like saying that wives must. The Roman Catholic Church has positions against the Democrats on some issues.
    Religion is private, and Obama’s upbringing by his white family does not suggest any of what this clip says. When it comes to a candidate’s private worship, let’s not go there.

  3. Nathan says:


    It’s not about a religion, but a particular church (Even if it was about religion, faith doesn’t excuse intolerance; see: George Bush who uses religion as an excuse for his hate). And he’s not just some preacher; Obama has been attending that church run by Rev. Wright for decades. Wright presided over Obama’s wedding and baptized his children. Obama calls Wright a spiritual mentor and he dismisses concern about his rhetoric by saying he’s just like a crazy uncle type who mouths off.

  4. Hope Muntz says:

    Clinton and Obama are now both too discredited to win the general election. And they have no one but themselves to blame. If Clinton had been a serious candidate, she’d have put together an organization to contest the caucus states–and not cheated in Michigan. If Obama had been a serious candidate he would have disavowed any ties with Wright and Farrakhan–ties that continue to this day–before running for his Senate seat. Gore is the only alternative now.

  5. Nathan says:

    Hope Muntz,

    Do you have any clue as to how rife with bullying, intimidation those caucuses were? Clinton wins primaries. The GE is nothing but primaries. If anyone is to blame, it’d be the DNC for insisting on using the anti-democratic caucuses. She should’ve done better, but she was focusing on being the strongest GE candidate she could be.

  6. Alrudder

    “let’s not go there”????

    Rev Wright chose to make Barack Obama’s “worship” public and use it as a sounding board against Hillary Clinton because she is Obama’s opponent. Think long and hard about whether Rev Wright would have said those things about Hillary Clinton if she was not Obama’s opponent.

    FYI, as a former Catholic, I would have no problem saying a Catholic priest is wrong minded in spewing hatred like Wright did. In fact I have spoken out here against the church on a few occassions.

  7. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Pass the smelling salts after that sermon and Peace Out For Unity Rev. Wright! Clinton campaign said, “no comment!” God Bless America! “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal…” T-shirt says,Re-wind for intellectual experienced direction you can depend on! Stay tuned for specific direction and clarification with Clinton after this needed station of the nation peaceful identification!! Go Clinton and don’t care for the racial communication signals of Obama’s spiritual guide in the video and not sure Obama, to be fair does either. Don’t want to guess, and no further comments! The Declaration of Independence has not expired!

  8. alrudder says:

    I’m sure there are some Catholic (or any religion) politicians who have pastors that have views that you dislike, but you support them anyway. I sure have.
    I think criticizing people’s ministers and faith is a road we shouldn’t go. Let’s stick to the candidates and their campaign officers.

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  10. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Opponent comparison hit the nail on the head and what would happen if Clinton’s minister spoke out on Obama like Wright just did ? “Days like this”,sing it Van Morrison and turn it up!!”When all the parts of the puzzle start to look like they fit.”To feel is to heal but think Rev Wright is off the top radical in that video!” Keep on moving on up and call me rain check.,to that higher ground….” Ever played Pac Man? I’d like to be playing and gobble everything up Wright was saying! What will the students be thinking tomorrow seeing that video on the news? Are they old enough to really get it ?No,but parents and teachers will be there to discuss if it does come up ! To equalize the tone of climate and racial tensions of all those enaged in this historical election. Be ready with Fleetwood Mac or Van Morrison? It’s time 70″s and we need to step up to bat!! The 60’s taught us well and today, you be hot pink and I’ll be blue cause it exists and it’s not gone yet.!

  11. Alrudder

    As I said above I would have no problem speaking out against any religious leader spewing hatred and that is what Wright did.

    IF, if Hillary’s religious mentor said vile and hateful things about Obama in the course of this election, you know damn well that the Obama camp would becrying foul and expecting her to denounce it.

    Wright made a big mistake in my opinion, knowing that Obama is running for president, by speaking out in vile and hateful terms against his opponent in a sermon.

    The question is if Obama becomes president what will Wright say then to offend Americans?

    No I am not inclined to give him a free pass because he’s Obama’s religious mentor — HE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER — because he IS Obama’s religious mentor and I have no problem speaking my mind, here on my blog about that.

  12. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Obama states he has been a member of The Trinity Church Of God for twenty years but in all those years, he’s never heard any racially driven sermons. When donkeys fly!

  13. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Catch the interview by Anderson Cooper on CNN interviewing Obama concerning this topic discussion! TORNADO just hit Atlanta and I believe that !