The USA in 2001 and 2008

Since I’m sick of the bullshit in the presidential race, let’s look at the reality of the impact of the Bush Administration.

Now think of which candidate you think can work most effectively within the existing system, since it’s not going to be revolutionized overnight, to remedy the situation?


Good night America, wherever you are…

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4 Responses to The USA in 2001 and 2008

  1. The true wingnut base stayed with their Party. Everyone else is running for the exits.

    I’m still betting Dem landslide in Nov. Anyone want the other side of that one?

  2. Stuart O'Neill says:

    I’d put my money on Dem’s. BUT I have to say I see way too much emphasis on

    “Oh my Gawd this is going to be a great year.”

    I don’t get that the Presidential race is a given. Sorry. Most think it’s a walk in the park. I don’t. I think this terribly divisive element in the last week is very, very destructive. (The Congressionals are a different story.)

    I hope the Obama people don’t run for the exits if their candidate doesn’t get the deal. I don’t believe for a second they are dedicated to the Democratic Party. I don’t beleive for second they will continue to work as hard as they are now in the General. They’ll take it for granted.

    They are dedicated to their candidate with evangelistic frevor. That worries me.

    Let’s hope I’m a worry-wort for nothing.

  3. Barring a well timed Al Qaida strike within shouting distance of election day, I will not begin to worry unless I see business contributions start to swing from the Democrats to the Republics. Their money has been heavily to the left this Primary season and I think that it’s more than just a hedge on the outcome. I see many elements of big business worried about the direction we’ve been going and absolutely not wanting to stay that course.

  4. Stuart:

    I think your anxiety regarding lack of commitment is misdirected. Obama has a growing delegate lead because of his campaign’s grass roots efforts and energy. Obama has a 50-state strategy and I guarantee if he wins the nomination he’ll win some former “red states.” Hillary’s run a 15-state strategy and wants us to think the small state wins by Obama are unimportant. That’s divisive politics. Read Matt Taibbi’s article in the current Rolling Stone. Clinton’s campaign is all but finished because they, with all their supposed experience, couldn’t organize a caucus beyond Nevada.