Friday Night Hillary Support Group

I’m taking a little break from work to give a shout out to Hillary Clinton. One aspect of Hillary that has particularly drawn me to support her is her fighting spirit. I can’t think of many who have had to deal with as much crap from the media as she has. But she somehow manages to brush it aside and get the job done. We all remember the days after Iowa where the world was writing Hillary’s political obituary and telling us how she could exit gracefully. She came back and won New Hampshire and Nevada. After a horrible February, the naysayers were naysaying and telling us how she needs to exit. She decisively won Rhode Island, Ohio, and Texas. Hillary is a fighter. And that’s one thing I’m looking for in a commander in chief.

These days, it seems like the media is having too much fun playing the “lets blame Hillary” game. The media and the Obama campaign blame Hillary for Obama’s picture in honorary Kenyan garb (as if sharing customs of other countries is a bad thing) despite trivial searching that shows otherwise;. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the media and folks like Keith Olberman and Kos blaming Rev. Wright’s “controversial comments” on Hillary Clinton. But you know what? Despite what they are going to throw at her, I’m sure Hillary will get back up and get the job done.

In honor of Hillary’s fighting spirit, and to celebrate the weekend, I dedicate Pat Benetar and “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” to Hillary Clinton and all her supporters who keep getting called lovely names.

(This is only a personal statement and not that of TDD).

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  2. Peace Out For Unity says:

    It’s an innovation agenda!! Go Clinton! Hi, she has a video and is requesting a campaign theme song!! She says in this video on request of support to decide what song, she won’t sing unless she wins! Ya gotta love her come back and humor! Not to mention the intellegent,experienced direction and stay tuned with Clinton for specific clarification ! Right after, “Hit Me WIth Your Best Shot”or The Temptations,”Get Ready”? Anything but “Signed,Sealed and Delivered”! How about Elivis,”Return to Sender,address unknown.” Thanks!

  3. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Pat sounds great and stil rocks! Send it in and the team is taking a vote!

  4. In it’s most simple form, here’s the single thing that Sen. Clinton could do to convince me that, on balance, she would be the better President of the two. Announce that she will continue the policies of Pres. Clinton in respect to bringing the military budget back down to some sort of a reasonable portion of the budget.

  5. Gilbert Martinez says:


    Hillary is the only one of the two Dems who could realistically reign in on frivolous military spending. She has an unprecedented amount of support amongst former military brass. She was also one of very few who was asked by the pentagon to help reevaluate whats going on. Unlike Obama, Hillary has the credibility to take on the military industrial complex. In fact, she’s already taken the stronger stand against mercenary military contractors.

    Hillary has the loyal advice of Wes Clark who has long been trying to plan a new US strategic plan, which includes a drastic change from the neocon agenda. Hillary is exciting on many different levels, her association and respect amongst the military leaders is one as it allows a serious reevaluation of the military. And there seems to be an increased desire for that these days.

  6. Specifically, we need an expeditious withdrawl from Iraq, a 10% cut in the defense budget in fiscal 2009 (or 2010 since Bush won’t propose and Dem Congressional leadership won’t lead), and an actual decrease, not an increase, in the manpower of our standing military. Sen. Clinton favors none of these things.

    While I understand that Sen. Obama falls far short here as well, he at least is talking about trying to change our relationships with the various nations in ways that inevtiably eventually will result in our being the center of a more peace focused future. While I suspect that Sen. Clinton might well travel the same path, it seems that she fears being perceived this way and speaks in terms of a far more traditional foreign policy approach.