I’m Sorry, Senator Obama. You Can’t Have It Both Ways

In the aftermath of the ugliness of the comments by Reverend Wright Taylor Marsh says it better than most:

Playing Democratic voters as fools, Obama and his campaign believe his current stance and couched statement on Wright is sufficient. It is not. How can someone attend a church for 20 years, be as close to Wright as Obama is, which is beyond dispute, but not know what he’s said? In fact, Obama knew so well what Wright would bring down that he disinvited him from his presidential announcement.

After attending a church for 20 years, Senator, you can’t claim that the ugliness of these comments had not been heard previously. While Senator Obama has said just that it simply won’t fly.

Sorry Senator, he can’t be your close friend and pastor for 20 years and not know the inner man.

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7 Responses to I’m Sorry, Senator Obama. You Can’t Have It Both Ways

  1. Rick (WestGa) says:

    I agree, all the Barack apologists who were attacking Hillary a few days ago for every comment anyone she ever met made are turning my stomach.

  2. proseandpromise says:

    I suspect he does know the inner-man and that we, from short audio clips, do not. You should do some research into this church. Things are not as they seem. But hey, this looks good for Hillary, right? So do your thing.

  3. Those were pretty hateful comments. Did you see the video?

    Sorry I would be saying the same thing no matter who else was in the race. This is not a pro-Clinton article. This is an anti-hypocrite article.

  4. Nathan says:

    Can you imagine the ads?

    WRIGHT: God Damn America! It’s in the bible!

    OBAMA: Don’t tell me they’re just words.

    And so on…

    God, help us. How can anyone be so outrageously suicidal to select him as our nominee?! How are we so stupid to believe he had no clue as to what his close friend and spiritual advisor for over 20 years believed in? Of course he did and Obama must either tolerate it or believe it himself to have have him remain a most influential father figure in his life.

    And one thing that people fail to mention: Wright displays a strong undercurrent of misogyny when he attacked Hillary Clinton for (basically) not being a black man. How can anyone dismiss the systemic and violent bigotry against women and girls–the world over?

    I want Clinton to be the nominee, but more than anything I don’t want our party being smeared by Obama’s nomination. He cannot possibly win the GE and it’ll confirm the worst stereotypes about “liberals.”

  5. Bob says:


    We will hear those words/phrases non-stop if Obama gets the nom. If they can make Kerry who was a war hero look like a traitor, they can sure convince voters that Obama is a hate monger.

  6. Bob:

    I don’t know if the label would stick but it would be thrown around a lot. John McCain won’t do it and he’ll quickly comdemn it. Yet the groups that surround the Republican party cannot be controlled. They will go to town. This just makes it a little easier. Whoever the nominee the war will be nasty.

    This is one of the reason’s I support HRC: She’s a Warrior.

    This is going to be a filthy general campaign. I’m not working for any campaign this season and suffering financially. But I wonder if I’m not better off staying out of the ultimate in stress: The 2008 General Election.

  7. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Turn the old Motown on and play the O’Jay’s,”Put Your Hands Together!” Totally lost my sense of American humor over those video’s of the,”pass the smelling salts sermon.”

    Ended up last night on the Chicago Tribune and go figure, but it came on and there I was and it was not intentional ! ET phone home? From what I read ,page after page of blogs of communications across the country and in communications concerning, many Obama supportors are not okay with the racial, divisive, radical shocking projections of Rev. Wright and these once supportors are changing their minds and Clinton welcomes all national orgins,hot pink,red or yellow!

    The 70’s grew up hearing about the 60’s and the 40’s times of struggle on racial divide and discrimination and it’s time for them to heal,and let us fly into unity with one another! Don’t catch the racial disease and it’s going around like a bad virus! Send the angels of heart and fair reason of thought and fight to stomp it out, and where is it coming from? Found a lot of angels last night and their still on earth! It’s an all call on racism and we don’t want our next generations infected by the disease.

    There is no damage control and it’s wrong and their are no intellectual justifications and it’s ignorance of mind,heart,body and soul ! Working closely on this campain and engaged, I’m concerned about the signals our young people are recieving to understand on racism and diversity issues and acknowledge the disease still exits !

    Young african american voices are getiing hazed and ridiculed because they support Clinton and vise versa! We’ve seen reports our african american senators and delogates are presured based on their heritage and historical fight over the years to support Obama and both Clinton and Obama are making apologies.

    We respect the fight for Title vii of the Civil Rights Act of of 1964,42 U.S.C.& 2000et seq. and the Civil Rights Act of 1871.42 U.S. C.& 1983.We respect and understand your pain and sacrifice! What was the struggle about if you’re still fighting and haven’t healed ,still infecting with racism and it’s wrong working both ways!! Blows my mind how moderators working damage contol justify and make reason to doubt arguments when our young people are being shot beause of it and in fights at our schools! That’s what we struggled for and fought against that appears to be a waste every time I hear that sermon.You mean it still exists and let us go to fly into unity with one another! Y

    You’re lessons in history and struggles of pain are felt and recognized,it’s time to heal and move on with forgiveness,as one nation under God with liberty and justice for all ! “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal!”

    The Declaration of Independence is real and open your books,it’s on all our exams as we make decisions on who will lead this nation!

    Today, we’re all the colors of a rainbow and it’s an innovation agenda objective to resolve in your heart on diversity! We just haven’t made it a national day to celebrate yet in the United States!

    Ya never know and God works in mysterious ways and he’s creative with blessings! End the mandates on NCLB!! View Voices Across America question # 1 and Go Clinton! Moratorium on the additions to the nations strategic oil reserves! By next week? Go fast on that Clinton! Why didn’t Obama just say,”yes over the twenty years,did hear Rev. Wright wind up in his sermons but it didn’t reflect my values and told the Rev. Wright afterwards it didn’t.”

    Andeson Cooper on CNN went to several times and yesterday people we’re calling in sightings of “Big Foot” and they flashed it! Make connections and go figure!

    Lou Dobbs says Obama owes him an apology on immigration and Obama twisted his intent of communication and understanding on the topic of solution discussion.

    Stay in the saddle and lean with the trees as the race to support Clinton for president as Americans, gets told? Not on campaign payroll and that’s my rookie political opinion and paying taxes everytime I go to the gas pump! Support Gas Moratorium! The controversial associations of Obama are alarming and concerning, with questionable,fair reason and we’re getting to know him! What’s next? Please not Rev. Wright and we’re out of smelling salts!