The Anti-Democratic Standards Of Judging Obama and Clinton

If you want to have a better understanding of why the hatred and ridicule has become so deep in this bitter Presidential campaign I suggest you read: The Clinton Rules and The Obama Rules.

Written at his blog The Left Coaster, eriposte explains the new ‘rules’ very well. No matter who you support this is a must read.

The 2008 Democratic Presidential campaign primary has become divisive, not from action by the candidates, but by the actions and hate-filled words of Obama supporters in very aggressive attacks against HRC and her supporters. If you want proof of this reality simply post a pro-Clinton diary at Dailykos.

These ‘Rules‘ seem to make the philosophical foundation for those actions clear, and ultimately very sad, for me.

Senator Obama hasn’t asked his supporters to ‘tone it down a notch’ but he should and very soon.
H/T to Taylor Marsh

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6 Responses to The Anti-Democratic Standards Of Judging Obama and Clinton

  1. For better or worse, the vast majority of people who call themselves “Progressive” are far more focused on domestic policy matters than foreign policy. What confuses me, then, is why so many of them, then, are so adamantly opposed to Sen. Clinton when her domestic policy positions are clearly superior. There is the open question of who will actually perform better if elected, but there really is no doubt about which candidate has assembled the superior platform.

    And there is no doubt about the fact that neither candidate deserves to be vilified by those who clearly should be grateful that the Democratic Party is going to field a Presidential Candidate in the General Election who will end up being no worse than the second or third best President that this Nation has had since at least 1968. In fact, gven the times, we may seriously need another FDR and we may well be choosing between either of two people who could end up filling the bill.

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  3. I have not seen that Dailykos site before. Wow, it looks confusing to me.

  4. proseandpromise says:

    I’ve never read a pro-Hillary post at DK. Only anti-Obama. At this point the only arguments I hear are based on A.) why the process is unfair and Obama isn’t really winning or B.) on why he is winning but the SD’s should go some other way because he is such a bad candidate.

    I suspect if someone posted a substantive pro-Hillary article on the nature of her campaign or her positions, it might fly.

  5. Here’s my article (diary) from 2-5-08 called ‘Why I Did A 180 and Voted For Hillary”

    I think you’ll find it interesting. It got 196 comments.

    And it’s my reasons for voting for Hillary Clinton…not against Senator Obama.

    At DailyKos I write as BigDog04.

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