Writer’s Strike at DailyKos?

The Yellow-dog Democrat here was initially stunned to see a reference at DailyKos about a ‘writer’s strike‘. I didn’t know the context or the why it was happening. In looking around the net to see what the hell was happening, I found the original post by the strike organizer at today’s most linked blog: Taylor Marsh.

Read the call for the strike by the original author. I agree with much what she wrote.

Will it have any impact? That’s an entirely different analysis.

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2 Responses to Writer’s Strike at DailyKos?

  1. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Call the fire department and get back in there ! We need the pro’s on those blogs to fight back for Clinton ! Send me over there and I want that bulldog with me! Proud of all these incredible writers engaged intelligently and they are seriously, professional level at it!! That writer needs to get your bulldog and get back over there! You guys are pro’s and incredible ! I’m still yelling edit but engaged to support Clinton and will reguardless of more of the same, the writer stikes out about concerning!! Let’s go and un-chain the bull dog !! The address of character is often determined on corner of adversity ave. and determination drive ! However,better keep your eye on edit before publish and that’s life!! Amendment I [1791}. Sounds like he needs back up in respectful reguard to the situation and I’m not pro,so you go!

  2. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Go get Santa Crusin and he’s on hillaryclinton.com ! Dr. Carolyn and take them with you ! Ohlau !