Financial Mess Heats Up

The financial mess that our country is in is heating up… big time. Hold on folks, it’s really going to be a rough ride: WHAT are the consequences of a world in which regulators rescue even the financial institutions whose recklessness and greed helped create the titanic credit mess we … Continue reading

The Challenge

In the wake of the news that Barack Obama is preparing for a “full assault” on Hillary Clinton, Clinton’s Internet Director Peter Daou sent out an email earlier today challenging progressive bloggers to pit a “miconception to rest.” The misconception that “Senator Obama hasn’t run a negative campaign against Hillary.” The … Continue reading

Clinton, Obama, and the Dreaded “A” Word

One of the criticisms that has been aimed at Sen. Clinton for many years now is that she is ambitious. We hear it from talking heads, from Republicans, and now–from Democrats. Yes, she is. So is Sen. Obama, whose rise from freshman Senator to presidential candidate was a carefully and … Continue reading

Obama Calls for Republicans To Re-Register (YouTube)

While registering voters, and getting the crossover vote, is a legitimate general election technique, it has seldom been it used so boldly to capture a primary nomination. Perhaps Senator Obama learned from Joe Lieberman that getting the Republican vote is the key to success when you can’t get enough Democratic … Continue reading