Obama Calls for Republicans To Re-Register (YouTube)

While registering voters, and getting the crossover vote, is a legitimate general election technique, it has seldom been it used so boldly to capture a primary nomination. Perhaps Senator Obama learned from Joe Lieberman that getting the Republican vote is the key to success when you can’t get enough Democratic votes.

From Salon’s War Room:

If the Obama campaign is to pull off an upset, the new registrants will be vitally important. As the Politico’s Carrie Budoff Brown observes, “The final tabulations [of the voter rolls] from the Department of State could offer the first tangible indications of whether Obama can catch Clinton in a state where she holds the advantage.”

Here’s my question: Who has won the primaries once you eliminate the Republican and Independent vote? Who has won the Democratic vote?

I don’t have an accurate answer. But is it fair to ask the Republicans to assist in controlling the choice of the Democratic nominee in the primary season? That is the exact tactic of the Obama campaign.

There are plenty of disaffected Republicans up for grabs in the general election. Why is Senator Obama trying to use Republicans to win the nomination?

Anyone with more detailed information and accurate sourcing, please let me know the results and the link.

H/T to Taylor Marsh via Salon’s War Room

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5 Responses to Obama Calls for Republicans To Re-Register (YouTube)

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  3. Pelosi was on this morning all but handing the nomination to Obama. She was plenty slippery but I took her to mean that she will work for the Superdelegate votes to go to tje leader in Pledged Delegates, rather than the leader in vote count. I can’t imagine that Obama would be willing to concede today that he won’t have the hogher vote total, but it seems mathematically impossible for Clinton to overcome his delegate lead.

    Does the Party leadership agree that Dem candidates should be chosen by Dem voters. Seemingly not so much.

    (And I would love to see Cindy Shehan take out Pelosi.)

  4. proseandpromise says:

    Does that mean that the Clinton campaign, who said this was all about pledged delegates, also doesn’t care about Democratic voters?

  5. proseandpromise

    Incase you missed it, this discussion isn’t about Hillary Clinton or her campaign, it is about Barack Obama and his campaign.