Bloggers Talk Primary Battle on MSNBC

Bloggers made the rounds on MSNBC today talking about the growing rift between progressive bloggers over the primary battle this year.   Skippy weighs in on the “dKos Writer’s Strike” with some commentary on the MSNBC segment with Jeralyn Merrit of Talk Left and Cliff Schecter of Cliff Schecter today. Watch Jeralyn … Continue reading

Clinton Says Iraq Surge Hasn’t Accomplished Goals

The Iraq war is back in the news and back in focus as an issue on the campaign trail. In a speech this morning outlining her goals to bring the troops home from Iraq, Hillary Clinton said that the Iraq surge has “not accomplished its goals.” “

Wright Controversy Sets Obama Back in Gallup Poll: Clinton Now at 47%, Obama at 45%

In the wake of the firestorm over Obama and his pastor Jeremiah Wright, Obama has dropped on the Daily Gallup and Hillary has regained the lead by a slim margin. Obama is now seeking to do damage control on the statements from Wright that Obama told PBS’ Gwen Ifill today, … Continue reading

Happy St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This is too funny (h/t TM): The L.A. Times has an awesome photo gallery of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations around the world and reports that Russell Crowe was crooning in D.C. at Shamrock Fest ’08. Incase the dancing monkey’s didn’t suit your fancy, here’s a video … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

A late edition of the Ten Post Round-Up…life has a curious way of keeping you from your scheduled plans (know what I mean?). With the five year anniversary of the Iraq invasion, I am spending more time than usual thinking about the enormous changes that have happened in my life … Continue reading