Bloggers Talk Primary Battle on MSNBC

Bloggers made the rounds on MSNBC today talking about the growing rift between progressive bloggers over the primary battle this year.  

Skippy weighs in on the “dKos Writer’s Strike” with some commentary on the MSNBC segment with Jeralyn Merrit of Talk Left and Cliff Schecter of Cliff Schecter today. Watch Jeralyn and Cliff here:

Taylor Marsh and Matthew Yglesias were also interivewed on MSNBC in another segment. Taylor has more here including a podcast.

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One Response to Bloggers Talk Primary Battle on MSNBC

  1. jwalls says:

    I disagree that all will be forgiven by the time November comes along. A lot will depend on how the remainder of this race goes, i.e., seating of FL/MI, cut down on personal attacks and focus on issues, and unconditional support to Obama of democratic politicians and/or super delegates. It’s not that I could not accept Obama, it’s that I can’t accept his tactics and tactics of his supporters (Clinton haters). I believe we will have to wait and see if we throw our unconditional support to Obama if he wins the nomination.